Declaration of Energy Independence

What one thing will end the series of manmade American and global crisis’s we have going on today? Well since these problems are manmade the one solution will therefore manmade. 


It’s simple, make America completely and 100% Energy independent. And while we are at it, we need to make Europe independent of Russian and Saudi oil and natural gas. America is more aligned to Europe and our mutual interests because it sure is not Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, China or Venezuela. The goal is simple for all to see, split that alliance and use energy to do it.  


We currently produce 11 million barrels of oil or natural gas a day. We use 22 million barrels. Europe uses 15 million barrels a day but produces 2 million barrels of oil or natural gas. So, we need to be at 40 million barrels of oil and natural gas to take care of us and Europe and build and maintain a reserve. 


What is the benefit and how does that clean up the mess we are in now! Well, the answer is simple as it is obvious. 


First, the benefit goes to Mother Earth. What? How can that be? American fossil fuel technologies are the cleanest on earth. So having Russian and Saudi pollute the planet at a higher rate is just stupid.


Second, prices of oil drops from $125 per barrel to $25 the benefit to that is the cost of everything drops and you kill instantly the high rate of inflation because the price of everything drops. And you kill OPEC global higher price fixing models. More importantly you save billions of people who financially cannot live with energy cost that drive their most basic needs out of reach. When this happens, societies are at risk as crime rates skyrocket and civil unrest becomes global and global events create wars.  


Third, you get to true green faster. How can that be? Answer again is obvious so-called oil companies have more incentive to get to green than so called green companies whose core solutions are not green they are fake solutions. This is because to make so called green products is not a green process, to support the green platform the processes are not green, and to dispose of green products is anything but a green process. What looks green because propaganda green if you hide all the nonsense of what makes green look green is fossil fuels supporting it.


Forth, nobody is a bigger fan of green policies than Russia and Saudi Arabia. They love that the West went green because for them Business is booming. They back-channel fund green lobbyist because they can artificially inflate oil pricing. It’s a game and we’re being gamed. When fossil fuel prices claim within range of green pricing it makes green cost look reasonable which are not any more reasonable than oil at $125 per barrel. Get oil to $200 per barrel and green cost are dead even to fossil fuel costs. So, the game of OPEC is simple jack up oil pricing by keeping production at the right level to get the biggest ROI now but allowing green to always be more expensive and hiding the fact that China produced green products are not green. By the way have you noticed that while we all act like the world is greener, we pump more oil? Well, isn’t that interesting! This is what happens when the systems are gamed by competing elites. The oil energy companies are no less righteous than the green energy companies, they are all colluding for money, power, and political clout. 


Fifth, nuclear energy is better than oil, wind, and solar because it has the smallest environmental footprint. Yep, like all of them it has a downside, the radioactive waste. However new technologies have figured out how to completely use 100% of the nuclear radioactive waste within the reactors with zero emissions. They are a tenth of the size and are scalable and would plug into the electrical grid which is run on products like coal. It would be cheap, reliable, and scalable with basically a zero-carbon footprint in building and maintaining the systems. Green and Fossil fuel elites both war on this for obvious reasons. Both groups are equally compromised, and neither is saintlier than the other. It’s just that fake green for now has the world greatest propaganda machine the only one better is big Pharma! 


Then there is Fusion which recreates the controlled power of the Sun which would be infinitely better than solar and wind and would be scalable. But the science is not there but will be to make it a reality. Most likely will require 40 years more of science to unlock and hardness the power of a mini-Sun. 


There is thermal power which basically pulls the power steam from the earth that science is real works, but we have not tapped into as we should. But it’s up and running and works. 


So, what is the problem? Well, it’s simple too many warring factions within the energy sector where all of them are part of the solution and part of the problem. They war because each sector wants to be the dominate force in energy, Meanwhile Russia, China, and India don’t care because they are trying to figure out how to support the people of their nation and green for them is not a priority. And because it’s not the world is less green not greener. Nobody is trying to find the balance and the stable shifts within these platforms to protect 8 billion people. Is as if someone pulling the strings is saying less sacrifice billions of people right now for a series of myths started by people with an agenda of more power, more money, and more control. The truth is energy power is both political and government power. And all governments are controlled by money and there is endless money in energy. What we are seeing is not how to save the planet but how to start WW3. Energy is national power and when games are played by the elites to control the fuel that fuels all economies it leads to war. Ukraine is one current example but the flames of war in the Middle East for the last 60 years over oil is plenty of proof. The real threat of global warming is not climate change, but nuclear war caused by all the energy, political and government elites. The power of America is squarely found in our energy independence and when we give that up, we give up the whole of all our independence and freedoms! Today our true declaration of independence is energy independence… And nobody produces more clean energy than the US and nobody gets fossil fuels from the ground safer and cleaner than the US. Which is why if we want a greener world, we should be the dominate energy producers of the world and quit funding our sworn enemies. As a nation we need to produce at home anything and everything that is for our own national security. Outsourcing anything dealing with the security of our nation is stupid, naïve, and those who act like we are safe in doing so are just naïve. In a world that is full of dangerous players being naïve is deadly.


So, want your freedom secure? Want costs to go down and productivity to go up? Want to see America clear up its national debt? Want to lower interest rates? Want goods and services for us and the world to be affordable? Want to avoid war? Want to see more manufacturing in the US for all our national security needs? Want to stop transferring trillions of dollars of our wealth to those who wish our destruction? Just remember 40 million barrels per day solve the issues of today while helping us fund the science of true green scalable technology platforms.


Just saying the obvious once again! 


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