49th Precinct Council Meeting at Eastchester Gardens

49th Precinct Council Meeting at Eastchester Gardens

By Robert Press

Tuesday night was the monthly 49th Precinct Council meeting that was held at the Eastchester Gardens Community Center. President Joe Thompson opened the meeting introducing the new commanding officer of the 49th Precinct Captain Gareth Kentish. Captain Kentish gave a brief history of his police career, a former Sergeant in the 49th Precinct, the 47th Precinct, and Captain of the 44th Precinct. 

Captain Kentish went over the past 28 day statistics for the seven major crimes saying there was one murder compared to none for the same time period last year. No rapes compared to two, and that Burglaries were down, with nine compared to nineteen. The other four categories were all up compared to the same 28 days last year. Seventeen robberies compared to seven, twenty-six Felonious assaults compared to twenty-one, Forty-three Grand Larcenies compared to twenty-four, and twenty-five G.L.A. (car thefts) compared to eighteen. 

Captain Kentish asked for the community people to communicate information on crimes to the police department. He added that some of the stolen cars are used for robberies or violence, and also the same goes for stolen plates. There were six shootings with all three housing projects having at least one. He closed by saying that the areas where shootings occur are flooded with officers trying to get information on the shootings.

The Cop of the month was Neighborhood Safety  Officer Ortiz who with his partner took a gun off the street. The Citizen of the month was MS. Antwana Powell-Anderson from the Eastchester Garden Houses. Community reports were heard next, and the meeting ended with individual speakers.

(L – R) Precinct Council Recording Secretary Grace Lovaglio, Community Affairs Detective J. Sturdivant, Captain Gareth Kentish (standing), President Joe Thompson, Vice-President Hazel Miura, Assistant Secretary Andrea Siegel, Corresponding Secretary Phyllis Nastasio, and Treasurer Elio Morales.

Captain Kentish shows off his Neighborhood Safety team Police officers Reyes, Clifford, Acosta, Ortiz, and Sergeant Monteregro. Also in the photo is NCO Sergeant Hall.

Cop of the Month Neighborhood Safety Officer Ortiz Holds a citation from Councilman Kevin Riley, with Precinct Council Vice-President Miura, Captain Kentish, and Precinct Council President Thompson.

Citizen of the month Antwana Powell-Anderson is flanked by Councilman Riley and Precinct Council President Thompson.

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