Elon is now free speak and so are you

The Twitter board has now approved Elon Musk to buy Twitter. The woke company had over the last year lost 50% of the value of its stock and plus lost in 2021 lost over a quarter of a billion dollars. Its failure was assured by shifting from the awake thinking of free speech to woke thinking of censorship that resulted broke financial performance. What is ironic is it took Elon from Africa to save free speech in America.

Elon Musk understands that free speech is core to everything that is American. Free speech is the exchange of good and bad ideas so that both the individual and a nation can arrive on the best ideas. Without free speech you cannot have debate, and without debate you end up with group think that is historically always wrong if free speech is not at the very core of group think. Woke culture is the worst example of group think because its policies what to think, what to believe, what to say, how to say it and the correct words to use. These kinds of controls over free speech are at the very core of Communism, Fascism, Marxism, and Socialism… That is how you end up with those forms of group think, they are simply devoid of free speech.

Woke culture is based on two principles, first, those within that culture must remain in a constant state of being offended by anything and everything. The second, is to believe you and every woke person around you is a victim. As a result, those who are woke are always and constantly “triggered” and find great delight in correcting everyone. They do this based on their claim of a fake high moral ground that frankly is immoral because it is intolerant, it bullies, and it shames. Everything they claim that others do they do at grand scale. It is the ultimate double standard and profoundly hypocritical.

Most fair and clear minded people know that woke culture is awful, unkind, intolerant, and dangerous. As bad as it is, I would never want to shutdown speech of the woke. The reason is simple, I like free speech for those that are work because it is a massive philosophical failure of thinking that is self-evident. And that is the good thing about bad ideas, they fail. Without free speech failure is purposely hidden. Without free speech corruption goes up, and dictatorships are protected.

Free speech is the key to progress, peace, trade, business, religion, education, science, medicine, energy, agriculture, politics, history, and happiness. All these areas of our lives need to be debated because we should always question that which we believe in the most. I love questioning daily what I believe most and validating it all over again. Humans have a need to seek a greater truth in everything and that can only happen because of free speech.

Elon Musk said it best, free speech requires us to protect the speech of those who offend us the most. He invited those who disagree with him to stay on twitter and speak out and even speak out against him. That is a person who understands that key to freedom is found in the ability to debate opposing views.

I kid you not, woke speech offends me, and not just a little, but completely. I do not agree with woke thinking, but I would never think to not protect the right of the woke to be wrong, and not just a little wrong, but completely wrong. What I will not allow the woke to do is to shut down my speech to say I disagree, why I disagree, and then argue the points that there is a better way based on historical evidence.

Those who are afraid of free speech are those that abuse it. That is just a fact. The most intolerant people I know are woke. They are a collection of the most self-righteous and condescending people I know. Today the biggest bullies, shamers, and name callers are the media woke elites. In the world of the woke not only can you not have an opposing view, but you must adopt their view completely. They are zealots of a new form of a wokism religion, where they are the self-declared Gods of all truth on every known subject of humankind. You must comply with their views of science, politics, race, gender and even their view of your religion. Even the woke fact sites are full of opinions pretending to the truth. And woke history sites that changed history to fit the narrative of the woke.

How do I know woke culture is broken and is so bad for America? Simple, look at Disney with their loss of $50 billion of their market cap because of being politically woke. People love Disney because they make movies and manage theme parks, around the world, they love Disney because it is the happiest place on earth. The vast majority are not interested in the executive elites within Disney who use the corporation for their personal political means. I do not see Disney Corporation correcting the Chinese for God awful behavior and human abuses that pales in comparison to any US policy. Yet these elites use the Disney Corporate name to politically guilt those they disagree here at home. Which is a hallmark of the woke, the classic never ending double standard. I do not mine Disney executives having a different political view or being woke, and personally saying anything they want. But I do mine if they use the Disney name to be political because they hurt the pocketbooks of Stockholders and employees who get laid off because of Disney not sticking to its movies and theme parks. Millions of other of Americans agree, which is why the Disney stock tanked.

Netflix lost $90 billion in their market cap with record numbers in subscription losses because of woke programing. CNN lost 80% of its own liberal audience because liberals are also sick of the woke culture. The woke culture has destroyed the Democratic party which will be born out in the November election, even the Democrats now know the obvious mega losses coming their way.

Elon would not have SpaceX or Tesla or any of his companies without free speech which allows for ideas that create companies that Elon took from a vision to a reality. Free speech is the most powerful value of our American culture. It is why it is listed as number one in our bill of rights. If you voice is removed from the American community, there is no community and there is no America and that is why woke is utterly dangerous to democracy.

I trust Elon more than congress to get it right, I just him more than the White House because they got everything right while Elon has frankly gotten everything right by comparison. Now that Elon owns and runs twitter, he will allow the woke culture there attack him, shame him, bully him and name call him. Elon will celebrate it because he knows something we all learned in kindergarten, which is, sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me. Now Elon is free to speak and so are you.

What will be interesting is what we learn about what Twitter really did when they decided to take away free speech from a sitting President. I will be interested to see what algorithms were in place to shut down what speech and by who. And who created the rules for speech and if those people were normal people or woke… because woke is not normal.

Just using my free speech to state the obvious once again.

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