Biden Halts Measures Designed to Stop China Espionage

Biden Halts Measures Designed to Stop China Espionage


Despite his recent comments on protecting Taiwan, serious questions are being raised about President Biden’s disturbing softness on China. The issues in which this problem manifests itself are significant, but little emphasized by a largely supportive media.

Wyoming Senator John Barasso notes that “As president, Joe Biden has been soft on China. And this is no surprise given the fact that Joe Biden has been soft on China for 50 years. When he was vice president, he said, quote, ‘a rising China is a positive development.’ He said, ‘not only for China, but for America and the world at large.’ “During his run for president, candidate Joe Biden said China was not a threat to the United States. During his announcement speech, when he was announcing that he was going to be a candidate for president, he said ‘they’re not bad folks. They’re not competition for us.’”

It’s not just elected officials who are expressing concern. A Foreign Policy study stresses that “The Biden Administration from a combination of arrogance and ignorance—is preparing to tie its own hands on China policy.”

A National Review examination notes that “…the Biden administration is proving more and more reticent to confront the Chinese government in substantive and consequential ways… Biden nominated Reta Jo Lewis to run the U.S. Export-Import Bank. Senator Marco Rubio contends that, ‘Reta Jo Lewis is currently a strategic advisor for the U.S.-China Heartland Association, which is a conduit for the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) United Front Work Department (UFWD), which aims to influence key Americans at the subnational level and ultimately undermine America’s national interests…’”

Under the Biden Administration, the US has granted licenses authorizing suppliers to sell chips to China’s blacklisted telecom company Huawei for its growing auto component business, according to Reuters. “The license applications are said to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars …

All of these concerns are coming to a head, as the Biden Department of Justice has moved to end the existing program established to respond to China’s intense espionage efforts against the United States.

In a scorching examination, a National Interest found that Biden gave a green light to Chinese spies.  “For nearly two years now, the FBI has nabbed dozens of Chinese Communist Party spies who, while posing as graduate students and research scholars at top academic institutions, siphoned out America’s most cutting edge national defense material for untold years. The spies, many secretly members of China’s military services, had to get in close to do damage this grave and found an unguarded path through America’s largely self-babysitting cultural exchange and student visa programs. But … President Joe Biden has canceled the repair and instead bestowed a priceless gift on People’s Liberation Army intelligence services: continued American vulnerability.”

The issue concerns the 1.5 million “J” and “F” visas, frequently employed by Chinese espionage agents to gain access to American research. The Department of Justice under the Trump Administration found that Beijing’s spies used these to infiltrate U.S. institutions doing advanced technical work.  After a review, the Trump Administration enacted regulations putting a stop to the practice, part of a “China Initiative” to stop the espionage.

One example: in 2020, the Justice Department brought criminal charges against a Chinese agent due to visa fraud in connection with a scheme to lie about her status as an active member of the People’s Republic of China’s military forces while in the United States conducting research at Stanford University.

But Biden’s Homeland Security Department, with little to no fanfare or notice, eliminated the measure.

Estimates of the costs to the U.S. from China’s espionage range up to $600 billion.

Frank Vernuccio serves as editor-in-chief of the New York Analysis of Policy and Government.

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