State Senator Gustavo Rivera Events

State Senator Gustavo Rivera Gives out PPE, and Joins Lt. Governor Candidate Ana Maria Archila on Fordham Road. 

By Robert Press

It was a beautiful Sunday morning as State Senator Gustavo Rivera handed out COVID home test kits, face masks, and hand sanitizer outside Poe Park at the corner of the Grand Concourse and East 192nd Street. 

At noon State Senator Rivera walked a few blocks to Fordham Road where he met Lieutenant Governor candidate Ana Maria Archila to introduce her to the voters of his district. They spoke to many people for over one hour before candidate Archila had to leave for another event. 

It should be noted that State Senator Gustavo Rivera’s district was altered during the redistricting process. Senator Rivera lost the lower half of his district that was placed into the new 32nd State Senate District of State Senator Luis Sepulveda. The West Bronx side of soon to be former State Senator Biaggi’s 34th Senate district (now an East Bronx district) was added to Senator Rivera’s 33rd Senate district, with a small carve out going to Manhattan’s 31st Senate district. 



Senator Gustavo Rivera talks to a constituent as he places home COVID test kits out.
Senator Rivera welcomes Lt. Governor candidate Ana Maria Archila to his district.
Senator Rivera introduces candidate Archila to this constituent.

Lt. Governor candidate Archila introduces herself to this voter.

Lt. Governor candidate Archila speaks to another voter, under the Fordham Road sign.
This family posed with Senator Rivera and Lt. Governor candidate Archila.
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