A record of massive and destructive failures

Well, it is now more than obvious the Democrats are going to face a huge wave that will overwhelm them like a tsunami come November election. Honestly, they completely deserve the wipeout that is coming their way because of what their policies are currently doing to the everyday American. Every major adverse event that America faced in the last century they have introduced to America in less than two years. Each on standing alone was horrible at the time but to release them all at once is unforgivable.

They first created a political pandemic, not a medial pandemic. They were successful in duplicating the “real” medical pandemic of 1918 that killed thirty times more people than the misleading numbers from the CDE with only one third of the population we have today. The Democrats did this by controlling the information from the CDC and use political operatives within the government and media to shut down the country. Then blamed it on Trump. The claims they made were false flags that allowed them to change election laws nationally. Those changes in a one hundred million mail in ballots with outdated election data resulted in the election fraud as seen and proven in the movie 2,000 Mules and other movies and books soon to be released. It was brilliant how the DNC cheated and even more impressive that for now have still gotten away with the only known coup in American history.

Truly the Democrats are the total experts in the blame game, in this case they did so by blaming the other political party for what they themselves did which was a coup. So, the absolute best way to counter a real coup that was achieved by the Democrats is to claim a false coup which is what the January 6th commission is now attempting to do. They will not be any more successful than they were on the last two fake attempts to undo Trump in more of their false claims. The reason it will fail again is simple, first, their claims are built on a series of half-truths to make for one big lie after another. And second, everyone knows that they have eliminated 70% of the facts that would prove their claims to be false and so this nothing more than a game political deception. While the democrats take great offense at the notion that the election was full of fraud that changed the outcome of an election, they believe that the fraud was committed for the election between Gore and Bush. The difference was that election result was allowed to go through the court systems while the Trump and Biden results were blocked at every turn. The good news is I believe over time the truth will be revealed and then everyone will wake up to the reality of a rigged corrupt political system that has been growing in strength for one hundred years.

Now the Democrats are recreating the depression of 1929 with policies that are clearing failing and are unsustainable. The decision to give control back to OPEC of our energy independence and allow them to do price fixing worldwide was the lynch pin that created inflation, and supply chain issues that created a series of problems we have never had before including supply issues on a basic commodity like baby formula. It is a complete joke that a nation such as ours would have this issue and other issues just as stupid. Part of the problem with liberal ideology is that when it does not work, they are in disbelief because their political beliefs are so perfect in their minds. But they are not perfect in fact they are beyond flawed, and the ugly results prove it. With $30 trillion in debt and no end in sight for overspending and justifying it is why we are now facing not a mere recession but a full depression. The younger generation will shortly face something for which they are ill prepared. The good news is they will learn to hate socialist policies that destroyed our nations economic.

The Democrats are the architects of victimhood creation with their newly recreation of the race riots they manufactured in 1968, this time they did it with BLM, a Marxist group aligned with the socialist elites within the Democratic party. The public now knows that BLM is a completely corrupt organization that did little for Black people excepted it did do a lot of the few Black people who ran it. You can it that from their new multimillion dollar mansions in the US and abroad and the audits of those funds. The truth is that the Trump policies for African Americans did more for Black people in America than BLM ever did. What BLM did successfully was riots and burn half the country down with billions of dollars in damages along with ANTIFA. They are the masters of white guilt and using for one of the biggest financial shake downs in US history. In fact, instead of the taxpayers paying for all the billions in damages BLM and ANTIFA should pay from the Billions that BLM shook down from woke corporations who now know they were bilked for billions. How do I know they are now awake to all the BS of BLM? Easy these woke public companies stopped funding them as the fraud that was always there now goes through the court systems. Soon enough these public companies will have to answer to their stockholders why they foolishly got bilked for billions of dollars. Therefore, if you go woke you will go broke.

But the Democrats are not done, because they are now in the middle of creating the energy crisis of 1973. Back then we had the newly created Department of Energy, which is done more to damage our energy independence than any social climate group. You would think that the DOE would make us self-sufficient and would never align in a billion years with OPEC. In the US we have laws that prevent companies within the same industry to meet and discuss pricing. The reason is simple, we do not want price fixing. All OPEC does is engage in price fixing. It is a sham from start to finish, as OPEC even controls production to control world pricing. Mix into that mess the zealots of climate change and you have a receipt for justified genocide. So, to understand it all like most things you just must have a basic understanding of the money trail of all of it. Here is how it works; do that it does not work for people in general. Biden gets into office, and he stupidly kills oil production at home, when he did that, he gave price and production control back to OPEC. This of course sends the price of oil up. Then he stupidly approves the Russian pipeline to Europe. Putin sees a huge opening because his oil is now more profitable than ever, he now can double production with a new pipeline and can afford to wage war with Ukraine. He needs Ukraine for many reasons and all of them are bad.

In the middle of all this are the climate zealots for which Biden uses for cover, because the US needs to go green now to save the planet. But it did not reduce one drop of oil production, in fact what he did do was export climate pollution by allowing countries to drill who pollute the planet ten times more than our drilling operations in the US. But it gets worse because the green energy groups who are no saints to the planet because they produce products that are all oil base and even worse are non-recyclable. Frankly, we are all being double charged, and they all get away with it because we are a bumper sticker society, we love headlines, and things that sound good on bumper stickers. Because of this we are all easily fooled by the false headlines we see daily. We believe them because we want to believe people in power are good. But few are and history has proven repeatedly. That those who get power become addicted to it and when they do the many suffer at the hands of the very few. So now we have record high energy that set off record high inflation that created a war in Ukraine and will set off a supply food chain crisis that will impact billions. All of this is manmade problems caused by the elites in power who for some reason believe they are smarter than the people whose lives they wreck.

If all this was not bad enough the Democrats via Biden recreated the horror show of the exit of Vietnam in 1975 with the Afghanistan exit debacle. What is did was show the world how as even a superpower with weak leadership our power is meaningless. Biden made us in that moment meaningless and irrelevant on the world stage. If that was not bad enough, we left behind $85 billion dollars of advanced arms and made the Taliban stronger than when we blew them up for 9/11. At the same time, we gave up an airbase that is now run by China. Now in that light think about how Democratic cities have murder rates like third world countries. Even with the strictest gun laws in the country the slaughters happen each weekend like clockwork. Those who are willing to commit murder are willing to break every gun law that democrats will ever create. That is a fact. Why? Well because they already have. Now the world is more dangerous, and the Democrats who armed the Taliban now want to disarm America. Instead of working on mental health issues and laws they want to pass laws that impact the 99.9% of gun owners who follow all the laws to protect themselves against those who follow none of the laws. Its crazy logic.

Now what I have done is shared with you five historical events that nearly wiped-out America over a one-hundred-year period. Each one was massive, and each has some impact on us today all these years later. However, we are watching the most incompetent administration of all time duplicate each one in less than 18 months. For America and its citizens these are the most dangerous of times, brought to you by an administration so out of touch they are a threat not only to a way of life but to life itself.

The time is now, right now to change course. Not tomorrow but today. Being passive is not going to change the course of those who are clearly now destroying everything that made us great. They bad mouth America and Americans daily. They have divided us on purpose and the divide is not real, they have corrupted everything that was good and noble and have created a society of self-haters. Listen to them talk carefully about you and your country and if you listen carefully, you will see it laced with hate of our history our constitution and our way of life. They believe they are so wise they can save the planet and it’s all base in lies, all of it. They have not created a more perfect union they have divided the Union with no plan to save it but to change it into a false utopia that always leads to the death of millions. But in this case billions. We are nine meals from world anarchy, once you understand how delicate that balance is you will understand the magnitude of the risk.

Everything that bothers all of us right now is all fabricated, and because it is, it can be undone and should be done at greater speed than it was done to create this god-awful mess. Found within our $30 trillion dollar debt is all the documentation of what the elites did wrong. Found within the $300 trillion in unfunded liabilities is everything that they are doing wrong now. Corruption is found within the debt left behind by the corrupt.


Just saying the obvious once again of what history and the nature of man has taught me.

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