E Scooter Pilot Plan

E Scooters – Help I Have Fallen Down, and I Can’t Get Up

By Robert Press

Complaints about the E Scooter pilot plan have been where the E Scooters are being left. Some in driveways, others just anywhere on the sidewalk or even in the street. However a very dangerous problem is when the E Scooters wind up on their sides where people especially those whose minds are preoccupied with their cell phones are not aware of the placement of fallen E Scooters or the person may trip over the low backs of E Scooters.

The NYCDOT rule is that E Scooters are supposed to be placed in corral areas, and after use within 72 hours picked up and returned to their assigned coral area or when a person calls the E Scooter company to complain about where the E Scooter is left. The E Scooters have GPs on them so the companies can find them wherever they wind up. Below are a few photos of hazardous situations caused by fallen E Scooters or the E Scooter being placed in the wrong spots.



Here a fallen Lime E Scooter is right in the spot people either board or exit from the bus at this bus stop, and people can trip over it.



Here a Lime E Scooter is placed at the rear of the same bus stop by the rear exit door which already has a hydrant there. The Lime E Scooter is also sticking out past the hydrant on this narrow stretch of sidewalk, and anyone can easily trip over the low back part of the Lime E Scooter.


Here several Byrd E Scooters are on their side at a crosswalk where someone can easily trip over one of them.




Here we see a Velo E Scooter left in the street under the subway #2 line.
Here we see an E Scooter corral with too many E Scooters that are causing a hazardous situation where a person may trip over the low back if the person is distracted by their cell phone.
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