E Scooter Hazards

E Scooters Left in the Wrong Place At One Bus Stop

Robert Press

On a bright sunny Wednesday afternoon a person walking North on Williamsbridge Road by the #8 bus stop at Neil Avenue could trip on not one but two Byrd E Scooters left haphazardly at the bus stop there. Coming out of the shade the sidewalk narrows at the bus stop due to a railing at the end of a property alongside the bus stop. While trying to adjust to the sunlight at the beginning of the bus stop there was a Lime E Scooter lying on its side, and if one was not careful they could have tripped on the fallen E Scooter. Not only that, but the fallen Lime E Scooter was also a hazard to people exiting the #8 bus as it was lying where the doors open for people to get off the bus. 

At the end of the bus stop is a hydrant, and placed upright was another Lime E Scooter with its low back sticking out where a person not paying attention could also trip over. The same was for people exiting the rear door of the bus as there was very little room to exit the bus from the rear. It is not known how long the two E Scooters were left in the bus stop, but both pictured below were hazards to people walking by the bus stop, and people exiting the #8 bus at this stop. 

The NYCDOT has said to call the E Scooter company if people find E Scooters in places that create a hazard or are in other places they should not be, for pick up by the E Scooter company. Since each E Scooter has GPS the company Lime should have gotten a signal that one of their E Scooters was lying on its side and not upright. More regulations of the E Scooters are needed with stricter observation where placement is, with the company picking up E Scooters right away or face receiving fines. 


A Lime E Scooter lies on its side causing a hazard to people walking by as one comes out of the shade into bright sunlight, as the sidewalk narrows. A home railing can be seen in the sunlight. This is also where riders enter or exit the front of the #8 bus at this stop.



Here is the rear of the same bus stop with another E Scooter where riders exit the rear door of the bus. You can see that if two people are walking one could trip on the unseen rear of the E Scooter, especially if they are on their cell phone not paying attention to the E Scooter.

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