Abortion can now finally be debated by Lawmakers

One of the most polarizing political issues of our day is abortion. It has been made increasingly polarizing by those on the extreme right, and the extreme left. Both from my standpoint are equally unreasonable in their thinking and approach. When you add to that toxic mix the mainstream media, we find that the truth of anything and everything is nowhere to be found. This is because the media profits from fear by purposely throwing a firebomb into everything that will increase the pain and suffering of millions. The media’s profit center is pain and the more profit they want the more pain they manufacturer from thin air. Where conflict can be reduced, they seek to increase it. It has nothing to do with truth and everything to do with their profits and greed. If you want a war in a quick hurry, or a revolution, a riot, or civil unrest the media outlets are the way to take truth out of context and use a series of half-truths to get the ball rolling and to sustain the conflicts for decades.

Those who are truly extreme on the issue of abortion are those who have a “zero-exception belief system” on abortion. Their believe systems are found within a no tolerance dogma that is both within. For the few who are part of the radical left the State is their new political religion, and for the few who are part of the radical right they use the name of God to declare their truth into areas where it is more man made than God given views and belief’s.

Before you assume to know what, I am going to say, and before you decided you agree or disagree, please allow me to unpack the key issues related to abortion and my thoughts on this extraordinarily complex issue. Abortion is much more complicated than the bumper sticker slogans used by millions of “pro-choice,” or “pro-life.” The truth and the reality of abortion is that it is part black, part white, with lots of grey. And it is that which is grey that we all need to be smart about. Complex issues are never reduced to a simple bumper sticker slogan. And on complex issues you need to, if you are going to be fair, smart, and knowledgeable you must have the ability to argue both sides of the issues equally well. When you can do that, you tend to find a higher measure of truth and you tend to be reasonable. By the way, the media does not want anyone who is not of their political ilk to see reasonable, which is why those who have a different view than they do on any given topic set them on fire.

Personally, I do not know any pro-choice person that believes in partial-birth abortion, not one, and I know plenty. So clearly in the eyes of those who believe that abortion should be an option, also have limits to that belief. In fact, those who seemed to be the most upset about partial-birth abortions are those who claim to be pro-choice. And to me it is because they do not want that kind of genocide attached to their belief in abortion as an option. It is a profound catch twenty-two because they are caught in the I am a pro-choice and the vast abortion industrial complex as deemed that pro-choice has no limits. When abortion was ruled on the limit was 15 weeks. But for the radical left they over a nearly 50-year period pushed abortions limits from 3 months to 6 months, to 9 months, and then unbelievably being beyond in the womb.

When I thoughtfully consider partial-birth abortion, honestly, I must see it for what it is, genocide that has been made legal and sanctioned and protected by the State. Just because something is made legal does not make it right and certainly not moral. History has seen this kind of thinking before. Nor does making something legal make it less genocidal. This is because true genocide in this case is the government authorization in taking an innocent life. Those who are on the radical left that believe it is morally justified to take a scalpel to sever the brain stems of a child exiting womb are delusional to their god like complex because if they can justify this barbaric and cruel technique in the taking of a child’s life, they can in fact justify anything.

Conversely, I personally, I do not know any reasonable pro-life person that believes that preventing an abortion for a rape or incest victim would be an unreasonable option. For those women who decide to keep the baby in that situation frankly should be admired, supported, and given compassion, they should not be mocked. While those who decided on abortion in that case should be understood, supported, and given compassion and not condemned. Yet there are those on the right who are intolerant enough to condemn rape victims who should be protected with the right of choice. There are health issues of every kind all of which make abortion complex.

Yes, both the extremes of the far left and the far right lack common sense, empathy, and wisdom. While I think that saying it is “My body, my choice” is a very clever branding technique of the left, the truth is, it is based on an excessively big glaring lie. The obvious elephant in the room is the fact that there is the additional body of the unborn child and while it is not the size of an elephant it truly ought to be for everyone on that issue. The stark reality is a pregnant woman is two shared bodies part of which comes from her body but is not her body if it can feel pain without her feeling pain. As a result, it truly is not “my one body, and my only choice.”

The vast majority of those who support abortion would not have one themselves. Think about that for a moment, they cannot pull the trigger for themselves but feel the need to allow others to pull that trigger. So, most of them appear to fight for the rights of others thinking somehow it is noble. What I find to be noble are the things I would do, not the things I would not do.

Here is what is interesting most Americans are center right and center left, and I mean like 85% of Americans are within that centric zone. That group has exceptions that are acceptable to both sides of the center, while the fringe of the far right and left are zero-tolerance for any middle ground. It is either abortion on demand at any point in time or its no abortion for any reason at all. Those who are reasonably reasonable understand they are reasonably pro-life/choice. Yes, I am good at branding as well with a hybrid version of a bummer sticker the two sides of the same coin, pro-life/choice.

The Supreme Court has moved the federal law of Roe vs. Wade ruling back to the States and their law makers. Which means the court moved it back to the American people who need to vote on this topic. This is not a step backwards like so many are dramatically claiming but a way forward. The problem was Roe vs. Wade was poorly constructed and every legal scholar knew it. So is now being sent back to the States and to Congress to create the laws related to abortion that the Supreme court can then rule on, this is because they settle disputes based on the law, they do not make law. In the Roe vs. Wade situation, they were making law, which is not their mandate, so it is now being turned over to the law makers to make laws that the justices can rule and past judgements on.

The hero of women’s rights and of the left Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said of Roe vs. Wade that it was poorly constructed ruling and that it slowed down the proper and legal way to create the law related to abortion. She claimed that Roe vs. Wade cut short the correct process that the law makers of that day were in the middle of crafting laws on through the halls of Congress. She knew that the ruling was not sustainable because it was not Constitutional because it was not found within the constitution, which is why we have amendments added and in this way we can over time create a more perfect union as it were. And so, it turns out that Ruth was right because finally a case came before the court that challenged Roe vs. Wade that was based on a Constitutional argument and in that case, it failed the test. It should be noted when Roe vs. Wade was made law via a non-constitutional ruling that it was all men who did that, and now we have women on the court so before everyone spins out of control, we need to take a deep breath and not tear the country apart and figure out how to get to a reasonably fair and just place on this issue. Of course, please take note of how the press will stoke the flames of hate for profit, because of flames of hate never helped any cause.

Science tells us today that a fetus at 15 to 20 weeks 100% can feel pain. At that point a fetus is now sucking their thumb, they have eye lids, lips, and a beating heart. When Roe vs. Wade became law, they did not know 80% of what we know today about a fetus. For example, today surgery centers do fetal surgery, and these surgeons see on camera how fetuses react to needles with a wince of pain like we do, and how they react to other medical instruments, just like you and I do. If you did not know that, then know this. When a fetus feels the instruments of abortion, they react in ways that are God awful as they try to escape death as they are cut and dismembered alive. So yes, we need to debate this topic with all the knowledge we now know today. This is not just about women’s rights, but this is also about human life that can now feel pain, and when you can feel pain you have rights, you just do. If we debate anything let us debate this topic fully of human pain and suffering. Unlike those with extreme views I in fact trust the American people more than I do the radical political elites. I trust the American people to create a thoughtful, reasonable amendment that can be added to forever deal with this extraordinarily complex social issue. The radical political elites do not trust the masses they serve because they believe they are an expert at everything and based on the result of their governance they are experts and nothing.

Now to be clear abortion Roe vs. Wade did not end abortion laws in the US, the fact is they are still allowed in the US, but from State-to-State various restrictions will for now occur, because of trigger laws that are as of the now are being rewritten quickly in many states to address the issue. Frankly, all States will find ways to compromise, and other States will have no limits including the radical medical procedure known as partial birth abortion. Even Europe was shocked to see us push abortion to the point of late term and partial birth abortions, then surprised to see what happened this week. Our views on how radical we go with abortion was so out of the mainstream of the rest of the world that the only country that had views as extreme as we got was North Korea. Wow!

How did we get to this place? Simple the left pushed abortions from 3 months to 6 months, to 9 months, to birth. The democrats had a slogan that the since abandoned which was, we want to make abortions safe but rare. We did figure out how to make it safe but rare went out the window because we have performed seventy million abortions. That is a staggering amount. And of the seventy million I wonder aloud how many were performed after 15 weeks when pain was truly felt by the unborn. I suppose if you cannot hear the screams then it did not happen. I just do not know but what my heart tells me is that we can do better because we are better. When do not want births from animals they get fixed, and we view that as being a responsible pet owner! Because it is just that.

Both men and women have plenty of choices when it comes to sex, from being celibate, to using various male and female protections, to using medications, and or having tubes tied or a vasectomy. Truly if you do not want to have children then get fixed and be responsible and if you decide later than you want kids then many of these procedures can be undone. It is not responsible to be irresponsible about sex then have an abortion at 7 months and inflect utter pain on a living being inside the womb. I think most reasonable people would agree with that and most are reasonable which is why I have great confidence that the States and eventually the Congress will enact laws that protect women who need abortions and protect living being who grow to the stage of feeling pain. Abortion is not a birth control method that prevents a pregnancy, abortion ends life and in 50% of the cases ends life for a living being with great pain. A person is treated better on who is being executed in the US than a baby in the womb. We take great care to try to make it, so they do not feel pain. Think on that. Seriously think about the issue of pain and it becomes at least in my mind how careless we are about this whole subject.

When I was a teenager to get me to understand the importance to not speed, not drink while driving, or not wear a seatbelt they made me watch movies of car crashes and deaths. It was shocking and guess what I always wore my seat belt I never drank driving and for that matter just never drank and while I sped from time to time not nearly has much had I not see those films. Maybe just maybe people ought to see the responsibility that comes with sex. Maybe they should see a film on abortion, everyone. Maybe the shock of seeing what they truly do not understand would be a revelation. When the civil war occurred there was honor in war, that is until the first pictures of real war were shown to the public. The outcry was endless and since that time cameras roll during wars in part to stop them to show it’s not worth it.

There of course is the other side of the coin women who are trapped will do the unthinkable to end a pregnancy which is every bit as horrific. That should be known and seen as well. As I said its complex because abortions are used in many cases to hide affairs, incest, teenage sex, and the list is endless as to all the poor decisions that took place by many prior to pregnancy.

Now I have a unique perspective, I was sent to Mexico to be aborted and I know what that means at a personal level. I have lost children due to birth defects; I have had grandchildren who were premature one weighing only one pound fifteen ounces and survived and is now six feet tall. We have taken into our home several unwed teenage mothers who went to full term and gave their babies up for adoption. I have known women who have had abortions that regrated it and husbands destroyed over it. I have known many who felt it was the right decision for them and dealt with it quickly and early.

I agree with the Joe Biden 20 years ago when he said abortions need to be safe but rare, Obama said it, as well as Clinton who are all part of the left. But the policies now protected by the left are unsustainable and have crossed many lines since then. When you consider the number seventy million then you know they are not rare and when you follow the money trail to the vast abortion industrial complex it is obvious what they have done to create one issues voting blocks on both side of the issue. Think about this congress give planned parenthood $500 million in funding and then plan parenthood gives democrats $250 million in campaign funds. So those who vote to fund it get half of it back. Crazy when you see this crazy use of funds on both the left and the right. And when you understand that you understand why we are $30 trillion in debt. We are all played daily by the corrupt elites.

Honestly, I have wept over all of it, as a result I want the decision to be that of most Americans at a “detail level” of what we should do. The radical left and radical right need to be ignored and dismissed over this issue because a zero-tolerance viewpoint on either side of this issue is no longer workable.

Finally let us use just a small percentage of those lives that were aborted. If only 10% of the seventy million suffered extreme pain because of them being aborted that is seven million more than twice all the Americans who ever died in battle. The greatness of any people and of any nation is protecting the most innocent among us. If we argue and debate over anything let this be the mountain, we all die on to make right. This is truly not just a women’s issue this is a humanity issue. In all of this there is a reasonable balance, and a reasonable series of laws law makers should be working on. Law makers could have created laws around Roe vs. Wade all along but did not. Let’s make sure everyone at the table as a voice including the millions whose voice was taken from them. Roe vs. Wade was the beginning to the debate lawmakers didn’t to finish and now we can.

This issue is not served by riots, or threats, or vast amounts of drama. It is not solved by clever memes, slogans, or chants. It will not be solved by sit ins or shut outs. It will be solved with love… anything short of that and we will come to the wrong conclusion.

Just saying the obvious once again.

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