49th Precinct Council Meeting June Meeting

49th Precinct Council Meeting June Meeting

By Robert Press

The 49th Precinct Council meets on the last Tuesday of the month normally, but due to the June 28th primary election the meeting was moved to Wednesday June 29th. The meeting was held at the Destination Tomorrow building located at 2134 Barnes Avenue the home of the Pelham Parkway Neighborhood Association. 49th Precinct Council President Joe Thompson opened the meeting thanking the PPNA for hosting the meeting. 

Precinct Commander Captain Gareth Kentish spoke about the rising crime rate in New York City, the Bronx, and in the 49th Precinct. He said that Major crime (murder and rape) was down, however it was the other crimes that have led the way to an increase in total crime. Captain Kentish said that Grand Larceny and GLA (stolen cars), were up 45% and 150% respectively for the 28 day reporting period ending June 26, 2022. Crime Prevention Officer Tyrone Mederos warned not to leave your cars running as you go in for that cup of coffee or something to go. 

President Thompson presented a special award to PPNA retiring President Edith Blitzer, the citizen of the month award and the cop of the month award were awarded. Neighborhood reports and questions from speakers who signed up were taken by the captain who answered one question by saying that his officers were going from one priority call to another, and you may have to wait for a patrol car in a non-emergency situation. 



49th Precinct council Executive Board (L – R) Corresponding Secretary Phyllis Nastasio, Recording Secretary Grace Lovaglio, Community Affairs Officer Jay Sturdivant, Captain Gareth Kentish, President Joe Thompson (standing), Vice-President Hazel Miura, and Treasurer Elio Morales.

Ms. Edith Blitzer thanks the council for their recognition of her hard work guiding the PPNA.

Captain Kentish answers questions from the side of the room in front of the audience.

Crime Prevention Officer Tyrone Mederos goes over some new scams, and warns people not to leave their car running unattended.

NCO Sergeant Hines introduces his NCO officers from the area.

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