Senator Jamaal Bailey Annual Community Barbecue – Kenny Agosto Day

Senator Jamaal Bailey Annual Community Barbecue – Kenny Agosto Day

By Robert Press

It was a cloudy day with a forecast of scattered showers Saturday, but the clouds kept the temperature down and hundreds of people were on hand for the Annual State Senator Jamaal Bailey Community Barbecue. Rain did eventually come, but only for a little while, and was gone when Mayor Eric Adams made a surprise visit. Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie, Bronx Borough President Vanessa Gibson, Bronx Congress members Torres, Espaillat, and Bowman State Senator Luis Sepulveda, City Council members Marjorie Velazquez, Althea Stevens, Kevin Riley, and Oswald Feliz, and several Bronx State Assembly members and District Leaders were among the attendees. 

State Senator Bailey called up his loyal staff member Kenny Agosto, telling of Kenny’s excellent work, but that Kenny would be leaving the office to join the staff of Bronx Borough President Vanessa Gibson. Senator Bailey then Presented Kenny with a Proclamation calling the day Kenny Agosto Day. Kenny was given the microphone, as he was all choked up, but went on to say it was  a pleasure to work with Senator Bailey and his staff. He added that he looks forward to his new job with Bronx Borough President Gibson not going into any details. 


You can see the community barbecue went the length of a full block where part of East 233rd Street was blocked off.



Congressman Ritchie Torres spoke, and congratulated the former co-leader of the Liberty Democratic Club Kenny Agosto on his move to the Borough President’s office.



Also speaking were (R – L) Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie, Congressman Adriano Espaillat, State Senator Luis Sepulveda, and Assemblywoman Yudelka Tapia. 




Senator Jamaal Bailey introduces Mayor Eric Adams as City Council members Kevin Riley, Althea Stevens, and Marjorie Velazquez are to the right of the mayor, and Speaker Heastie is next to Mayor Adams.




Mayor Adams speaks of his joy in coming to the Bronx, which helped put him in as mayor. Bronx Borough President Vanessa Gibson is on the left.


Bronx Borough President Vanesa Gibson thanks Mayor Adams (next to Speaker Heastie) for coming to the Bronx once again, adding that he is a friend of the Bronx, as she thanked everyone who came.


L- R. Councilwoman Velazquez, Bronx BP Gibson, Mayor Adams, State Senator Bailey, and Congressman Bowman.



State Senator Jamaal Bailey presents a proclamation declaring the day Kenny Agosto Day to Kenny Agosto.



 The former Dancing District Leader, Kenny Agosto did a dance to stop the rain. 

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