A Place to Purchase Cannabis in Bronx Community Board 11

A Place to Purchase Cannabis in Bronx Community Board 11

By Robert Press

At the June 15th Community Board 11 Economic Committee meeting the usual liquor licenses were on the agenda, but that night something new was on the agenda never seen before. There was a request by Mello Tymes LLC for a letter of support to open a Cannabis Dispensary in Community Board 11. 

Since there was no quorum for the meeting (one more committee member was needed), no votes could be taken on liquor licenses, but the committee could listen to the Cannabis presentation. 

Mr. Roger Thomas the CEO of Mello Tymes mentioned two college friends who would be going into this venture with him. Mello Tymes would be a Cannabis brand and  company to Community Servants and the Community at Large according to the handout Mr. Thomas provided. For those who may not know what Cannabis is, it is another word for Marijuana, or the slang word ‘weed’. 

Mr. Thomas described the different products that would be offered including liquid Cannabis, and that the store would look similar to an upscale jewelry store with showcases where a salesperson would greet you at the door and show you around. He mentioned that there would be an armed guard inside at all times, and that such a store would enhance the area around it. He is looking for a location in the Allerton area around Boston Road and Allerton Avenue. The Cannabis Commission has to make the final rules for selling legal cannabis which is expected by the end of 2022. 


The name of the company, and name of their brand of cannabis.




Some of the reasons given as to why having a dispensary as a neighbor is good.
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