The New World Order is almost here

Since the dawn of time there has been something within humanity that is at best disturbing, and at worst is absolute evil. It is the desire by the elite to have complete control over the many. However, the goal for this kind of thinking was not just the many, but the entire world. I am not sure why the elite believe they are intellectually superior, but they do, which is what makes them so utterly dangerous when they gain any kind of power. And the power they gain seems to be so addicting that they cannot seem to get enough of it and enough people to control with it. Ever see a leader who wanted more power that then did not abuse that power against those who granted it to them? Nope and neither has history.

History has shown countless attempts by various war like leaders to expand their power throughout the then known world. From Alexander the Great, to Julies Caesar, and to Genghis Khan to name just a few of the more notables. But this attempt to control the known world was also attempted by many lesser-known Kings in Europe, Pharaohs in Egypt, Samurais in Japan, and even by the Mayans, the Toltecs, and Aztecs kingdom of ancient America. Over time the known world got larger and larger and therefore it was more than likely that the few could not seriously take complete control of the world. But that did not stop attempts by Napoleon Bonaparte from France, or Adolf Hitler from Germany, or Josef Stalin from Russia or Chairman Mao from China to try.

The barriers for an elite group to take control of the world were just too great, because of distance, culture, political views, language, and religion. But something happened over the last 150 years that brought the world together, it was something big that went unnoticed by the world at large, but the elite saw it like they always do and today with zero fan fair the few in the world are beyond powerful. These elites now have a power base so vast that it is far beyond the power base of any known historical figure. Even more unique they are unknown to the world by design. Which makes them the clear a present danger to the 99.9% of the population of the earth.

So, what was it that bound the world together regardless of distance, culture, politics, language, and religion? Simple, it was a series of revolutions but not revolutions in the normal sense of the world. These were revolutions that helped and hurt humankind at the same time. It all started with oil. Yes, it was oil that pushed an evolutionary way of life around the world. Without oil we would not have been able to create the first of these evolution revolutions. The first was the agriculture revolution which allowed for the new ways to produce more food. It started to change everything. In 1890 in the US 95% of the population worked within the agriculture industry to survive. Today less than 2% work in agriculture industry.

The second was the industrial revolution. It not only changed farming making it produce more food, but it also created planes, trains, and automobiles. Cities got bigger but so did the freeway systems to move the food supplies in ways that were new to the world. The industrial revolution also created a series of creature comforts, like washers, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, air conditioning, indoor plumbing, electricity, and the list from there was truly endless. The average person in the US had more creature comforts than the great so-called Pharaoh gods. And the population grew. In fact, if you look at oil production from the start the population was able to grow and sustain itself because of its life-giving force. Who would have thought they dinosaurs who died millions of years ago would be the ooze that would sustain so many? If you hate a highly populated earth, you will love to hate oil. That is just a fact.

The third revolution was the information revolution. It created the radio, the tv, the mainframe computers, the minicomputers, the home computer, the laptop and reduced it all down to a cell phone with a camera. Information was moving at the speed of thought and shared globally. Everything was changing and the world became a smaller and smaller place. And soon food, creature comforts and information had started to move around the global. It did not slow down wars, but within the wars we could see people of other cultures wearing blue jeans, tennis shoes, and talking on a cell phone. They were eating Big Macs, Pizza’s, and they loved the same music and movies. They were not so different after all, but the conflicts continued with weapons of war that were born from the three previous revolutions.

The fourth was the biotech industrial revolution where we created new medicines and medical miracles could be created, and like the three previous revolutions much good came from them but so did evil, and lots of it. For example, with the first revolution we started to modify food, with the second revolution we built war machines that have killed hundreds of millions, and with the third revolution we used information to control populations with fear, uncertainty, and doubt, and with the fourth revolution we created labs with bioweapons that can wipe out all of humanity.

And now the fifth revolution is here which is Artificial Intelligence or AI. It is thinking is only as good as the thinking of those who program it. What possibly could go wrong with that? Well frankly everything.

But here is the deal, all these revolutionary platforms are not controlled by governments as they are really a collection of global corporations. While governments are powerful, and we know the leaders of those countries their power is nothing in comparison to the unknown elites of the global corporate powers. Regardless of what you think about Donald Trump, for any President of the US to be silenced by Twitter shows you how irrelevant you are and everyone you know. And if you think that Biden is in charge or any leader of the political world you are missing what the word reset really means.

These powerful elites can with a flick of a switch shut down any government anytime of their choosing. Because within their complete control are the five revolutions of which I have just spoken about. You may believe that we live in a free country, but the truth is we are living within the matrix, and we only know what we are told by these elites who own far more than you can even imagine. And they are about to push the reset button on the world.

They own governments, foundations, industries, and they own them as institutional investors which means we do not even know who they are. They control the deep states of the world, they own controlling interests in the vast global media companies, which means they own the messaging and can use that to wage war on a whim. They have controlling interests of the global industrial military complex, the global food supply chain from beginning to the end. They have controlling interests in the pharmaceutical companies, the entire energy sector from oil to solar. The own big tech and most of space. Between just BlackRock and the Vanguard Group they control $20 trillion globally.

Slowly without any of us knowing it they control the debt of the world which means they control the assets of the world. They control the thinking of all the top CEOs of the world, and the political landscapes of every country in the world because without them governments cannot stay in power. They need their money and those five revolutions functioning inside their countries to survive.

If you are part of the political elites, they own most of you, but not all of you. If you are one of the billionaire elites they made, they own most of you but not all of you. In fact, if you have power of any kind they placed you in that position, it does not matter of your power is because of wealth, or political, or military. The do not have to control all the elites just most of them to control an entire world.

The sheep never see or understand the world around them, they are simply moved, then feed to produce products of wool, fertilizer, or meat. The sheep believe they are in power from the vantage point they have. They feel safe in groups and like to be in the deep center of the group and never on the outer edges to be picked off. They fear the wolves that pick off few but never fear the human in control who will over time pick them all off without a single sheep the wiser for it.

The powerful who control the megaphone of the media elites will guide you to think in ways that are not in your own self interests. To control you they will allow you to believe you have more control and by the time you figure it out the die is cast.

In the history of the world, we have never lived in more amazing and dangerous times at the same time. It has always been that the 1% controlled the 99%. However, we are now a world population of eight billion and in the blink of an eye the great reset will appear before us. And like a controlled collapse of a building everything we trusted will fall before us, what was there will be gone and will be replaced with something knew.

It’s always the same story with these elites they have a vision of utopia they created. But it never works and brings with it a windstorm of destruction. But this time it’s different, because for the first time there is a group that can for at least a period of time control the entire world. Yes, billions will see it for what it is but nevertheless they will be sheep to it.

Have you ever noticed something unique about the elites who want to control the world? They have the most messed up families they cannot control and yet they are delusional enough to think they can save us from ourselves. What I have shared here is not some sort of conspiracy theory you can see it; you can feel it. Everyone that is in power is suddenly in some sort of weird lock step motion doing the most insane things we have ever witnessed. News casters giving the same key words and phrases daily pushing an agenda that looks like it is breaking everything as fast as it can. Like it was a controlled explosion, but we are in the dang building. And everyone is waiting for someone to stop it from happening, but the elite already took care of those that would or could stop it.

To pull it off now they just need to control the sheep. And they are 100% confident the sheep are controlled and can be controlled. The one world order is a breath away from happening. We will be made to believe that it will save us, but in fact it will condemn us to a life none of us wants or deserves. The elites will teach us they are the new Pharaoh gods of the planet. They can control the weather, the seas, and the land. They will teach us what their truth is, and a new global political religion will be formed. It will not be tolerant, it will not be kind, because those who seek all power are never kind. It will sensor, control and seek to destroy those it cannot control as a threat to the world, which translated really means a threat to their power.

But I know how this story will end, and I know for that to happen the reset must be. It is terribly sad because what we are seeing was all foretold. And we are the few who have ever lived that will witness the greatest evil the world has ever seen, but we will also witness the greatest good ever known to humanity. So, I am fearless about the whole thing. I am not going to be surprised by any of it, but I will be as prepared as I can be for it.

When Christ was in the garden of Gethsemane, he knew all the evil that was about to happen. He did not shrink from it but boldly allowed all that would be to be. From that horrible event came the most important event in human history an empty tomb from which he arose. It was foretold then as it is foretold now. The few will make a mess of the world; it will be so horrific that it will never be repeated. In that dark moment even when the elites know they were wrong only one can save us from it all. And in this I have faith, and it this I will strengthen those around me to keep pushing forward to the day when all truth will be revealed. In the meantime, all I can do is render unto God that which is his and unto Caesar (the world) that which is Caesars.

Soon we will know the one who leads the elites to their eventual destruction. And I will know the one who have been taught all my life to look for and be like. I will know him, because in my heart I know him now.

Just saying what is now more obvious than ever before.

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