Rodman’s Neck Legislation or Political Stunt for State Senate Candidate

Rodman’s Neck Legislation or Political Stunt for State Senate Candidate

By Robert Press

Assemblyman Michael Benedetto and State Senate candidate Assemblywoman Nathalia Fernandez stood across the water from Rodman’s Neck to introduce legislation to have the New York City Police firing range soil, water, and air monitored for pollutants. 

The purpose of Assembly Bill Number A10613 is to amend the general municipal law in relation to municipal shooting ranges that are used to train local law enforcement and directs the Department of Health to conduct a study describing the contaminants and other pollutants in the ground and water bodies adjacent to certain shooting ranges. The bill would also set hours of operation and acceptable sound level measurements delivering its findings in writing to the governor and legislature one year after the bill’s enactment and establish a remediation plan if warranted.

Assembly Bill Number A10613 was introduced after the session ended on July 6, 2022 by sponsor Assemblyman Benedetto, co-sponsored by Assemblywoman Fernandez. There are no other sponsors, and A10613 was referred to the Committee on Local Governments on the same day it was introduced by Assemblyman Benedetto. One has to wonder why a bill like A10613 was not introduced before since both Assembly members Benedetto and Fernandez have been in the assembly for several years. One also has to wonder why it was introduced after Assemblywoman Fernandez declared her State Senate candidacy being substituted for Lisa Hofflich who had qualified for State Senate District 36 after Hofflich withdrew.  



Assemblyman Michael Benedetto speaking about the legislation he sponsored and Assemblywoman Nathalia Fernandez co-sponsored about Rodman’s Neck in the background. They are joined by members of the Spencer Estates and Edgewater Park communities.
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