Is Alessandra Biaggi still the 34th State Senator?

Is State Senate Alessandra Biaggi purporting a Fraud Upon the Voters of New York State in Her Run For the 17th Congressional District?

By Robert Press

Is Alessandra Biaggi still the State Senator from the 34th State Senate District when City & State report she moved into the 17th Congressional District in late July, or is there a vacancy in the current 34th State Senate District that has to be filled by special election in September?

From City & State


Alessandra Biaggi, 17th District

“After years in Pelham, Biaggi bought a house in North Castle, in Westchester County – moving in late July to the district to run, just like her opponent Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney did 10 years before.”

However when one looks at this Tweet by current Assemblywoman Nathalia Fernandez from August 8, 2022 we see Fernandez announce the support of the SD 34 Incumbent State Senator Biaggi. 

Does Nathalia Fernandez even know that Alessandra Biaggi is not the incumbent,  and has moved out of the 34th State Senate District in late July?

Nathalia Fernández
I’m proud to announce the support of SD-34 incumbent Sen.

. She’s been a true fighter for this district, strengthening democratic leadership, standing up for women’s rights and advocating for landmark climate legislation. I’m ready to continue that fight for the 34th!


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