Freddy Perez Sr. Way

Freddy Perez Sr. Way

By Robert Press

It was a hot sunny Saturday morning at the corner of Third Avenue and East 156th Street. There was a new street sign on the northeast street pole that was covered to be unveiled as a tribute to a community hero. That community hero was Freddy Perez Sr. who was a man who held community festivals to give back to the community and help inform people what was going on in the community. He was also a leader in the taxi industry in the Bronx informing non medallion drivers of their rights, and trying to unionize the drivers. On December 4, 1989 according to son John Perez his father Freddy Perez Sr. was shot and killed dying in his arms. That was the end to the attempt to unionize the non medallion taxi drivers. 

The Perez family including sons Freddy Perez Jr., John Perez, daughter Miriam, and their children, friends of the family, and current elected officials were on hand for the unveiling of Freddy Perez Sr. Way. Former Councilman Ruben Diaz Sr. and Assemblyman Jose Rivera recalled stories about their friend Freddy Perez Sr. a man for the people. Assemblywoman Amanda Septimo spoke and presented the family with a Citation from the New York State Assembly, and Councilman Rafael Salamanca who sponsored the street co-naming also spoke. Then everyone gathered for the unveiling of the new Street sign Freddy Perez Sr. Way by his two sons Freddy Perez Jr. and John Perez who together pulled the cover off the new sign. A second street sign was presented to the family to have. 



Councilman Rafael Salamanca speaks as you can see the street sign that is to be uncovered for Freddy Perez Sr.
Daughter Miriam smiles, Son John standing, and son Freddie Jr. (white shirt) listens to the friends of their father recall accounts of him.
Assemblyman Jose Rivera who drove a cab before entering politics spoke of the old days with his friend Freddie Perez Sr.
Reverend Ruben Diaz Sr. gave the invocation and spoke at length about Freddie Perez Sr.
Assemblywoman Amanda Septimo would present the family with a Citation for their father from the New York State Assembly.
Brothers John and Freddy Jr. uncover the street sign in honor of their father Freddy Perez Sr. Way.

The Perez family is given a second street sign that hangs from the pole at the corner of Third Avenue and East 156th Street. The photo includes some of Freddy Perez Sr.’s grandchildren who are now grown up.
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