Dominick Schiano Way

Dominick Schiano Way

By Robert Press

It was a very warm Saturday afternoon as family, friends, and many other people who knew Mr. Dominick Schiano came to honor him with the street co-naming of Bronx Park East and Reiss Place in his name. 

Dominick Schiano passed away from COVID on December 28, 2020 at the age of seventy-two. After working on Wall Street most of his life, Dominick became a member of Bronx Community Board 11 in 2011 resigning in November 2020. During his tenure on CB 11 he was the Chair of the Public Safety Committee, Chair of the Economic Development Committee, and Second Vice-Chair of the board. Dominick was also a board member of the 2044 Bronx Park East Owners Corporation. 

Councilwoman Marjorie Velazquez sponsored the street co-naming in the city council, with many community leaders from all parts of the community board placing their requests for the street co-naming. In addition to the councilwoman, two former chairs of CB 11 spoke Mr. Al D’Angelo and Mr. Anthony Vitale, praising Mr. Schiano’s work on the community board and in his neighborhood. One mentioned that Dominick was always trying to get trees planted on Bronx Park East, and an empty tree pit lies below the new street sign Dominick Schiano Way. 



Councilwoman Marjorie Velazquez points to the new street sign Dominick Schiano Way during her speech that is to be uncovered.

Above – Former Community Board 11 Chairman Anthony Vitale spoke of the dedication of his good friend Dominick Schiano.

Below – Former Community Board 11 Chair Al D’Angelo also spoke of the dedication of his good friend Dominick Schiano.
There were several other speakers with Dominick’s daughter Lisa speaking for the family. She mentioned the forty-six years Dominick spent in the Bronx Park East neighborhood, him being a role model for her and everyone else, he always gave it one-hundred percent when he did something, he was honest in his feelings, and that it easy to remember him, but hard to forget that he is not here anymore.
As the family was getting ready to uncover Dominick Schiano Way several balloons were let go to fly up to the heavens.

The new Dominick Schiano Way street sign is uncovered.

The family is given a second street sign as a momento.
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