Rev. T. Wendell Foster Park

John Mullaly Park Officially Renamed Rev. T. Wendell Foster Park

By Robert Press

It was a warm Sunday afternoon as family and friends gathered in the last hours of Mullaly Park in the shadows of Yankee Stadium. No, the park was not being torn down, but local activists had found out that John Mullaly whom Mullaly Park was named after lived during the United States Civil War and sided with the Confederacy even though he lived in New York City. Even though after the Civil war John Mullaly went on to create several New York City parks including the one named after him, John Mullaly’s past of racist rhetoric during the murderous New York City Draft riots caused the community to change the name of Mullaly Park to the Name of Rev. T. Wendell Foster Park, a leader in the community and the first African American elected to the New York City Council from the Bronx.

Councilman Reverend Foster’s oldest daughter Rebekah was the emcee of the park renaming. Over one hundred people were in attendance with several speaking including Mayor Eric Adams who said that he went to Councilman Wendell Foster for spiritual advice during his tenure on the police force and it is important to name this park after him. The Mayor added that the racism that was involved in the previous named park will now be erased. 

Bronx District Attorney and Bronx Borough President Vanessa Gibson agreed with Mayor Adams. Grandchildren TJ and Makai joined other family members, Helen Diane Foster the daughter who became the next council member after her father was term limited out of office and her mother Helen Foster came up to thank those who came out to see Rev. T. Wendell Foster Park. 


Rev. Wendell Fosters oldest daughter Rebekah was the emcee of the park renaming. 



Mayor Eric Adams arrived for the National Anthem. Rev Fosters wife Helen stands behind the mayor in green.




Mayor Eric Adams talks of his days as a police officer and member of one-hundred Blacks in Law Enforcement. He added that he would seek spiritual guidance from Councilman Wendell Foster.


Parks Commissioner Sue Donahue speaks about the renaming of Mullaly Park to Rev. T. Wendell Foster Park.


Bronx Borough President Vanessa Gibson represented the area of the new Rev. T. Wendell Foster Park area as a member of the City Council before being elected Bronx Borough President was glad that Mullaly Park was being renamed for Councilman Wendell Foster due to facts that came out about John Mullaly.


Helen Foster, wife of Wendell Foster speaks about her husband, with daughter Helen Diane Foster (in pink) and other family members and friends gathered around her.


The new plaque and welcoming sign to Rev. T. Wendell Foster Park are shown.
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