The rabbit hole of social media!

The rabbit hole of all social media platforms with their Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies based on an advertising model have now laid waste to civility not only in America but though out the whole world. The technology is designed to be addicting and it is. The platforms are free to the consumer and advertisers spend tens of billions of dollars to reach us all. What started out to be a simple set of algorithms to find what you like and keep sending it to you turned ugly. Platforms like Facebook want to keep you engaged so that they can keep advertisers constantly reaching you.


Each time you look at something click on something of interest in any platform it shows up on every other platform you view. AI programs flow information to you that you like. The AI technology can’t tell you what is right, wrong, true, or false, what it knows is what you like. And so, it feeds as much of it as you like as if it was your favorite dessert.


What started out as a simple advertising algorithm for products began to shift into the world of politics. And three things happened, everyone within the media platforms created a personal echo chamber of a view of the world that they believed was true. Second that assumed everyone was seeing the same thing and third when others didn’t see what they saw, it was frustrating. And the divide began. Each of us jumped into a rabbit hole of our own creation and like Alice in Wonderland each went into a world we believed was real and true.


The AI technology is now feeding all of us what we like. If we are liberal, it will feed us that information because we will eat the whole serving, if we are conservative then it will feed us that information. We all believe what we are each seeing is the TRUTH. But remember AI technology doesn’t know truth it simply feeds you what you like, it doesn’t care if it feeds you something that is bad for you it feeds you what you like. The longer you stay connected the more Facebook ad model pays them billions in revenues.


This is why people look at someone with a political view not their own as stupid, uneducated, or blind. They are simply looking at the opposite view of the same information. We as in none of us is stupid, uneducated, or blind. Even people who agree with you don’t see the same information as you. We each get our own rabbit hole and a world of our own creation. We are not creating that world, the algorithm within the AI protocols within social media does all that.


We are divided as a society by systems that don’t know they are doing so, they simply feed you what they know you like in great detail. The systems don’t know truth. but you can believe what you see is truth. The question is simple where does this lead us? The answer is simple. Chaos, revolution, civil war, divided families, and friends. We might want to believe that it was planned all along to be that way, but it just happened, and the genie is out of the box.


However scarier than the social media AI platforms is the government AI platforms. They easily interface within the social media AI tool sets and that is not a rabbit hole, that is something with an intent, it is NSA and CIA code written for a purpose in foreign countries that if unleashed within the US is beyond a rabbit hole that truly is a black hole of utter destruction.


It turns out the hardest thing in life, the very hardest thing is to find the truth of anything. We are divided by cultures, languages, politics, and religion. Hardly anyone on earth can find another person that see everything just like they do. There are over seven billion of us with seven billion different opinions of what truth is. And the truth is there can be several different truths of many things at the same time, because in truth the truth is very personal. And in other areas of our lives there can only be one truth and we get to decide what that truth is.


Here are some truths I believe. Love is a truth, and hate is a lie. Forgiveness is a truth, and revenge is a lie. Kindness is a truth, and unkindness is a lie. Finding what we have in common is a truth, denying what we have in common is a lie. Facts are a truth, opinions are views of a truth, a lie, or a hybrid of both… What is truth? Well social media doesn’t know, AI technology doesn’t know and news organizations which are opinion organization don’t know. You are left with your reasoning skills and your inner soul to find the truth…


But if you start out with truth is found in Love, Forgiveness, Kindness and finding what we have in common I am sure you will find the truth of all things. I am sure of it!


Just saying he obvious once again!

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