Morris Park Community Theater Opening Day

Morris Park Theater Presents ‘A Stroll Down Memory Lane’

By Robert Press

The Morris Park Performing Arts Theater at Jacobi Hospital in the Rotunda presented ‘A Stroll Down Memory Lane’. That brought back memories to some of when the hospital opened in 1955 as the Bronx Municipal Hospital Center, and many of the songs heard were popular. There were Traditional, Rock and Roll, Soul, Country, and a couple of other  genres of music sung by the performers. Peter Lupo, the Souldees, Jimmy Sage, The Acchords, Twin Gold, Dennis “Dennis Rodgers’ Gustafarr, Gene DiNapoli, and John Scupaletti and the Reactions.

A crowd of over two-hundred people were in attendance including elected officials Assemblyman Michael Benedetto who opened the event with Morris Park community Association President Al D’Angelo, Bronx Borough President Vanessa Gibson who enjoyed a couple of acts saying that it is wonderful that the empty auditorium and be repurposed as a community theater. Also speaking was Assemblywoman Nathalia Fernandez who came in and ran out without even taking off her coat. Besides performing Twin Gold introduced each act.



Morris Park Community Association President Al D’Angelo welcomes everybody to the inauguration show ‘A Stroll Down Memory Lane’. 
The sound system went quiet for a few minutes as all in the audience joined in to sing the National Anthem. 

Peter Lupo was the opening act as he sang several oldies.


One of the hits of the show were the Souldees.


Jimmy Sage finishes his act to cheers from the audience.

Bronx Borough President Vanesa Gibson said it is wonderful how an empty auditorium can be repurposed into a community theater.
Assemblywoman Nathalia Fernandez left right after she spoke as not to be asked why she lied about when she knew about the just Home project at Jacobi Hospital. She said she knew in June when everyone else did, but a power point presentation to her about Just Home is dated March 1, 2022.
Another highlight was when the sound went silent for a few minutes, so John Scupaletti told some jokes including the one about the Parrot and the Lady who would pass by the pet shop every day.
After the show ended many of the performers came on stage for a group photo.
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