Tent City

Bronx Republican Candidates and Community Leaders Fight Orchard Beach Tent City – Mayor Adams to Relocate the Tent City From Orchard Beach

By Robert Press




As the Orchard Beach ‘Tent City to house incoming Immigrants’ was being built various Bronx Republican candidates and Community Leaders rallied against the project, calling it Inhumane, for reasons of the tent city being in a flood zone, sitting right next to Long Island Sound where the temperature would drop down due to the wind currents coming from the water, and nowhere near any mass transit facilities. The question of safety to the Bronx and Westchester County came in as it was said that Orchard Beach leads to New Rochelle while being in the Borough of the Bronx.

While the rallies went on the tent city at Orchard Beach was flooded twice the past week during the heavy rains. Mayor Eric Adams finally gave in when fellow Democrats like State Senator Gustavo Rivera and others began to agree with the Bronx Republican candidates and community leaders who protested that  Orchard Beach was not a good site for an Immigration Tent City. The Republican Candidates on hand for the final rally included Ms. Tina Forte Candidate for the 14th Congressional District, Ms. Samantha Zherka Candidate for the 34th State Senate District, Ms. Phyllis ‘Tiz’ Nastasio Candidate for the 80th Assembly District, Mr. John Greany Candidate for the 82nd Assembly District (where Orchard Beach is located), Bronx Republican Party Leader Michael Rendino, Bronx Conservative Party Leader Patrick McManus, and many many Community Leaders. 


Bronx Republican Party Leader Michael Rendino begin speaking against the Orchard Beach Tent City, which Mayor Adams would later announce ‘It will come down”.


14th Congressional candidate Tina Forte had her big sign behind her as she spoke against the tent city and her opponent.




34th State Senate candidate Samantha Zherka also mentioned she opposes the Just Home project at Jacobi Hospital, where the city wants to house criminals in a low crime area that her opponent a few days earlier said she is preparing for.




Morris Park Community Association President Al D’Angelo spoke against the tent city, and Just Home at Jacobi Hospital project, while saying the Bronx continues to be dumped on by the current elected officials.


Van Nest Community Leader Bernadette Ferrara speaks out against what the city is doing to the Bronx saying we need schools and community centers not a jail and a tent city.


Allerton Community Leader Gene De Francis told it as it is, the Bronx is last in everything good, and first in everything bad, which has to change.
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