Pelham Parkway Neighborhood Association Meeting 

Pelham Parkway Neighborhood Association Meeting

By Robert Press

Tuesday night September 12th was the return of the Pelham Parkway Neighborhood Association with founder and former President Edith Blitzer sitting in the audience, not up front running the meeting. Ms. Blitzer stepped down as the president at the June PPNA meeting with Mr. Steven Glosser taking over as the new President of the organization. Ms. Blitzer however remains on the executive board of the PPNA.

The guest for the meeting were various officers of the 49th Precinct. Youth Coordination Officers Fernandez (sector B) and Officer Wroten (sector C), Crime Prevention Officer Mederos, Community Affairs Officer Powers, and Detective Sturdivant who stood in for Captain Kentish who could not make the meeting. The YCO Spoke about the Explorer program for youth under eighteen years of age. Next was Crime prevention Officer Mederos who had many tips for the audience including not to use the post office on White Plains Road and Arnow Avenue as it appears mail from inside the post office is disappearing, and the postal police are investigating. He added that the case load is at over 5,000 complaints to date this year while there are only fourteen detectives in the precinct to investigate them, and one detective is assigned to special cases only. 

Community Affairs officer Powers was next saying that while he is new to the position of community affairs that he has been in the precinct for over nine years. Last was Detective Sturdivant who said when asked about illegal cannabis sales in and outside a certain store on White Plains Road he said the police department is no longer in charge of street vendors, and that it was the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) who were. He added that he will be retiring soon from the NYPD. He also said that while he has the rank of Detective he is not on the precinct roster as a detective. Representatives from Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez, Councilwoman Velazquez, and Assemblywoman Fernandez spoke about events and other items their respective offices were doing. 


(L – R) PPNA Secretary Louis Lutnick, Treasurer Elio Morales, President Steven Glosser, YO Officer Fernandez, and YCO Officer Wroten.



Detective Sturdivant standing next to PPNA President Glosser is speaking with Community Affairs Officer Powers seated with Crime Prevention Officer Mederos standing in back of Officer Powers.



Jason Santiago of congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez’s office.



Jacqueline Crossan of Councilwoman Velazquez’s office.

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