We are the modern day American Slaves

History is important, and the compete history of anything is even more important if we want the perspective and truth of our collective past. There is a danger when half the story of our history is told. This is because those who tell half the story of our past do so with a purpose. That purpose usually is to take control of others through the use of hate generated by fear, uncertainty, and doubt of a story half told. We delete the good within any story you are left only with a bad story.

Recently Biden declared that Republicans were the enemy of the state. To do that he used code words strung together like Republicans, MAGA, followers of Trump, semi-fascist, and white supremacists. When you tie all words to the worst word, so for millions if you say “Republican,” you believe and think white supremacists. This remark by the President of the United States was a condemnation of half the population of the United States. The psychology of “mass formation” is real and using key words and phrases by any political idealogue creates a narrative that is believed by millions of their followers even when the claim is not true.

No matter how absurd the claim is and despite all the evidence that is there to demonstrate it is not true, nevertheless millions can believe it. For example, I know I am not a racist but nevertheless millions believe that I must be if I am a republican because they have been taught to hate that which is not true. Those that believe if you are a republican, you are a racist are like racist who believe things about another culture or race that is also not true. And that is profoundly ironic to me. This why throughout recorded history the masses often times are taught to believe in untruths which in turn creates massive human carnage based on a lie. The mass formation principle therefore is the passing of a lie as a declared truth. Millions of Germans after the war had to face to the truth of this when mass formation taught them to hate Jews, based on so called truths that were in the end lies. Mass formation of a massive lie also travels at the speed of collective thought and the more people that believe it the more real the lie is transformed into the truth.

Elites who spread hate of various groups of people do so to maintain control over a population which always ends badly for everyone because those who are hated are mistreated. Recently we all saw a young 18-year-old boy killed in a hit and run because he was a so-called “racist extremist” simply because he was a Republican who believed in let us Make American Great Again. So far, the killer who is 41 years old and out free on bail has expressed no remorse and appears to justify his god-awful actions. This is just a tiny example of how mass formation works individually and then collectively and if left unchecked becomes genocide.

So, with that as the framework I pose this question, what is the real history of Republicans and are they the racists that Biden believes should be feared, confronted, censored, and silenced? Daily the left-wing media elites claims that Republicans are racists. The push the messaging hard like a war drum that never stops pounding as they declare millions to be a great threat and danger to our society. And to be honest with you most republicans generally think as I do and what the press says about me and those, I know is simply not true, and if the lie gets too out of hand, then it becomes a clear and present danger to me and those I love.

The founder of the Republican party was Abraham Lincoln. The major accomplishment of his party was of course the freedom of the slaves. When I say the freedom of the slaves, I mean all slaves in the south who were not only black but also brown, white, red, and yellow as well. They were freed of slave owners who were also not only white, but black, brown, red, and yellow as well. The big fight was between the Republicans of the north and the Democrats of the south. Interestingly enough it was also the Democrats who founded the KKK, the worst racists group of them all. This is something Democrats do not want Americans to know about their history. Like the slave holders of the old south, the Socialist elites of today use many of the same techniques to control people. Slavery since the dawn of time was always more than the color of one’s skin, it was about controlling large groups of people through fear.

The Founding Fathers struggled with slavery from the very start. Many of them knew it was a huge problem but to form a new nation they had to delay freeing the slaves, without forming the Union first there would be no way to ever free the slaves from the south. Many Americans at the time did not like the importing of slaves from other nations by buying them from the black chiefs of many of the African tribes who sold many of their own people as well as neighboring tribe members to the highest bidder. This was at a time in the history of the world where all nations had slaves and had sustain slavery for 6,000 years of recorded human history. England was the first country to outlaw slavery, and the United States was the first to have a Civil War over it. In that single war the United States had more war dead than all the wars combined the United States ever had including down to this present day and time. Over 650,000 dead and nearly 1.5 million wounded.

There is an expression that is penned in our founding documents which states, in order to form a more perfect union. From 1860’s with Abraham Lincoln all the way to the civil rights movement of the 1960’s it was the Republicans that introduce over two hundred bills to protect the rights of African Americans. It was in fact the majority votes cast by the Republicans that helped make the union more perfect in that regard. There were many Democrats (but not the majority) who voted with the majority of Republicans during that period related to African Americans. When the civil rights act was voted into law in the 1960’s it was the majority of Republicans who voted in mass to pass it with a minority of Democrats who voted in favor of it. Democrats later took credit for it because President Johnson did not veto the bill but signed the bill and he was a Democrat. That was a good thing. The big lie is that the racist Democrats switch parties and became racist Republicans, and those racists took over the Republican party. The fact is true declared racist could not find a home in either party. And declared racist are more unpopular than ever and should be.

In many ways great progress was made to make our union more perfect. However, there are those who only want to focus on the parts of history that they benefit from by created a divide from which they profit from. They are the professional victimhood creators and race baiters. The more people they can convince that they are a victim the more they promise how these victims will benefit if they give to these individuals money, power, and authority. It is an ugly thing to be sure as we watch millions converted to believing they are victims of their past and that these creators of hate should be given even more money, power, and authority.

The business model of a socialist is to create victim groups as fast as you can, splinter as many into one issue voters as possible. Of course, if you look at this group of political elites, they truly fix nothing because by their nature they break more than they fix. It is an excellent way to remain in power. How can you possibly maintain the power base found within victimhood if you fix anything? The answer is you cannot. The irony of this group of elitists is they know fixing anything reduces their power and giving up power is not an option for them. Which is why George Washington was so amazing. He gave up the power of being President for life to have a life as a simple private citizen. Those who have power simply will not give it up without a fight, which is why politics is a blood sport.

The word slave comes from Slav which was a group people who were white slaves from Slavic nations. While the left loves to talk about the slavery of our past, they shamelessly and completely ignore the slavery they create today. If you look carefully, you can clearly see they have policies in place that promote slavery. We have more slaves on the earth today than anytime in world history in terms of sheer numbers, in fact worldwide we have seventy million slaves. Yet we ignore living slaves and wage a civil war of words on an issue we solved in a civil war in 1860.

But let us look at our country today and the left’s open border policies, that are generating labor slaves, sex slaves, and human trafficking slaves or mules that illegally transport both people and drugs. It is amazing to me that we have to listen to the elite about an issue settled in a war plus hundreds of laws to create equal treatment under the law. And yet they are perfectly ok with their polices that create the slaves of today, honestly it is outrageous, it is stupid, it is naïve and unforgivable. If you want to talk about racist that is racist, because these collective left wing nut job policies in the past decade have resulted in the drug deaths of a one million Americans, the murders of at least two hundred fifty thousand people on both sides of the border by the cartel, the rapes of 30% of all the women who cross the border and the sex trade we have today in our country many of which are children. Honestly, I do not want to hear the left preach to me that somehow, I am a racist when they have that as their record. They do not have a single moral leg to stand on and I for one am sick of their fake outrage when they have created a trail of a billion tears of unbelievable sorrow.

There is another kind of slavery that slave owners of the south used to control and own their slaves. It was debt. Here are the steps the democrat slave owners of the south made the system work. They would provide slaves with housing, food, clothing, work tools, and an area of responsibility on the plantation with a required production level. Then at the end of the year would give an accounting to the slave of what they earned beyond what was “given” to them. The slave owners also had two rules to maintain control, one they did not want to educate slaves and second, they could never own a gun. Education and gun ownership for the slave owner was a threat that would not be allowed to happen. At the end of the year the slave owner would show the slave that his debt increased beyond what the slave owner had given them. Of course, the slave owners out of the kindness of their hearts would continue to provide housing, food, tools and clothing for the slave and their family as long as they were completely compliant, while the debt piled higher and higher each year in the minds of the slaves.

Hidden today within the Democratic party are policies that have the very same elements that old time Democratic slave owner used to control their cheap labor slaves. I want you think about the inter-cities of the US and how Democratic policies do the same thing today. Welfare policies that provide housing, food, clothing, and work tools like cell phones and minimum wage jobs. In exchange for all that good the poor who are poor and will stay forever poor in that system then need to be compliant by providing these elites with their vote. Interestingly enough each year the number of slaves controlled by state increases, because of debt. In fact, we cannot be free of that debt for generations yet to be born. It’s horrible.

I saw this clearly as a missionary serving in Harlem. These inner-city families were completely torn apart by the policies that kept them in poverty and in control. I saw thousands of beautiful young single women with many children of different fathers trapped by the very policies that made them slaves to the state. Even then as a young man I could see what would happen to the kids and as bad as I thought it would get it got worse. Unfortunately, like past slaves many of which loved their owners, today we have those who love the political elites slave owners that in the last seventy years have yet been able to solve any of the core problems these people faced. In fact, they made it infinity worst. With gangs, drugs, and prostitution that have wiped out the family structures of the hardcore intercity dwellers.

It gets worse because our educational systems in the inner cities are completely failing. And a failing educational systems ensures poverty which ensures compliance to policies used by the welfare systems. In fact, globally our standing in the world from and educational standpoint continues to decline as nation after nation passes us like we are standing still. Yet we spend more per student than any other nation on earth. Just like the south of old an educated slave is a dangerous slave. And just like the slaves of the old south the slaves of today are also black, brown, white, red, and yellow. And the slave owners of today also come in all those colors as well. It’s not about race it’s about control and the race card is a useful tool of the slave owners of today found in Washington DC.

This dependency we all have to our slave owner is real and it now requires that the vast majority of our population to be slaves to the state. Unless you are mega wealthy the slave state already owns you. The genius of today slave owners are they do not want you to know you are a slave, they need you to believe you are free. You may ask yourself how is it possible that I am a slave? Well, we are slaves to the debt the elites created for each and every American. If you count both the national debt of $30 trillion and the unfunded liabilities of $300 trillion, we are each in debt as of today as an individual to the tune of $3 million. If you have a household of five people, you have a combined household debt of $15 million. Even worse is the simple mathematical fact that you do not know you are already of a slave of the state. You truly are no better off financially when it comes to be being completely controlled via debt than the slaves of the south in 1860.

You see slavery was more than the color of your skin, and the art of slavery today is to make you believe as a slave you are free. What is worse is the elites are breaking everything they can as fast as they can and in doing so, they did not unite us they divided us. But why divided us? Simple if we are united who will we united against?

Well, the answer to that is simple, those who enslaved us, those that broke our borders, those who created debt for us but not for themselves, those who broke our educational systems, those who broke our legal systems, those who wanted to defund law enforcement, and those who wanted to release criminals into society. Those who wanted to disarm you while they were also disarming the police. Those who allow the cartel to distribute drugs that kill over 100,000 Americans a year. Those who took away our energy independence that then created inflation that then increase the number of people who fall under the poverty line. Those who created a race war over past slavery while they enslave us today. Those who censored our free speech, those who changed our history, and then indoctrinated our children instead of educating our children. Those who use fear, uncertainty, and doubt to claim they are so powerful, so all knowing they are now the gods of weather, science, and medicines and each day the reality of what the claim is truth proves to be false. Those who claim to have a sure knowledge of all truth and prove it with their approved fact checkers. Those who have the power to start wars, create weapons of mass destruction and think is ok to create in labs biochemicals and viruses that can destroy all mankind. The list is now so long that only the blind cannot see it, only the deft cannot hear it, and only those without hearts cannot feel it.

The socialism that wiped out the richest country in South America Venezuela in less than ten years is now wiping out America so that the few slave owners can finally control the one country they needed to control to enslave the entire world. The liberals cannot seem to reason that the people of Venezuela who come here illegally left the very political system that the liberals are duplicating today. When they are so focused on retaining their power at all costs, they cannot see the cost others pay for the lust of their desire to maintain that power. And if they can see it, they simply justify it.

The only way to stop it, is for the vast majority to boldly speak up and speak out. Nobody wants to be a slave in America, and the moment we wake up is the moment this nonsense will cease. So, we need to vote for those who are not interested in the “slave state political model.” And the only way to have a fair vote is to have a paper ballot vote do it in a one-day election like we did for over two hundred years. We need to end the mass mail-in ballot system that is purposely using data bases that are profoundly flawed, and inaccurate. Mass mail-in ballots are completely illegal in Europe because they are known for high rates of fraud and abuse. Only banana republics use mail-in ballots because they know how to force the results, they want to retain power. We need to have less government not more government, the bigger the government the more likely you have a slave state that manufactures laws and regulations faster than you can live by them. And we need to go from $30 trillion in debt to $30 trillion in surplus if we genuinely want to be free. Every nation that failed in the history of mankind failed because they were drowning in the debt created by their elites.

While we are slaves today and we do not have enough life within us to be free let us nevertheless work to insure our children’s children are free again.

Just saying the painful and obvious truth again.

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