Why the two Party system is corrupt

he problem with the Republican and Democratic parties is the political machinery of both the parties are slow, corrupt, and can no longer serve the interests of the American people. This political machinery serves only to protect the two-party system at all costs, and the cost will be borne by the American people. Both parties have switch views back and forth on the same issues for better than 150 years. They do this because they never want to give a win to the other party for fixing anything as a result, they cannot fix anything. Truly the machinery that empowers both parties has done more to hurt the American people than help them.


Both parties claim they are more right, more moral, and yet somehow profoundly different. When one party is not in power, they bash the other party in power for the very same thing they did when they were in power. These political parties are hypocrites of the highest order. By the way, most Democrats and most Republicans when shown in detail the results of the policies their respective parties voted in (but do not know what party voted it in) actually disagree with the majority of their own political party views at the policy level.


This is the problem of a system built on single issue voters. This singular focus on one policy by millions of voters then turns around and negatively impacts those same voters on hundreds of other policies that can rock their daily lives. So let us say you identify as a Democrat and let us say that abortion is your most prominent and biggest single issue. It is then that your political party of choice can sideswiped your life and the lift of your family with many polices that can drive the country into war, higher inflation, higher fuel cost, increases crime, higher energy costs, or increase taxation that you cannot afford. While it seems counter intuitive of a party to give you the one thing you wanted with your vote but wipe you out at the same time with that vote, this tactic increases the power of the political machine of that party. The fact is both parties love to exploit their voters on some key emotional issues, to get voted into office. Once in office they then get away by passing into law all the other non-emotional issues that increases their political power that are way more impactful on your daily life. Unless you look at the history of both political parties over the arch of time you will not be aware of what they really are doing with your vote based on the one key issue they hooked you on. Let me give you some examples of the Democratic party because frankly they are the masters of this kind of gamesmanship. The republicans are learning it, but the democrats have made a science of it.


Today the Democratic party would like Democrat Americans to be completely unaware that it was their party that pulled the trigger on WW1 and WW2, it was their party that dropped the Atom Bomb. It was their party that created the US Japanese citizens internment camps. They want you to be unaware that it was their party that fought to keep slavery going and fought Lincoln a Republican tooth and nail over it over the issue of slavery, which resulted in the largest loss of life in US history. Or that the Democrats of the south founded, supported, and protected the KKK, and it was their party that controlled the State Governments of the South not only during the civil war but one hundred years later they were still in charge during the civil right movement of the 1960’s. It was a Democrat Governor George Wallace that fought to stop integrating black and white school Children. They would like you to forget that they got the nation into the Vietnam war and to forget the fact that it was a Republican Richard Nixon that got us out of Vietnam. They do not want to talk about the fact that Jimmy Carter created the perfect storm for Iran radical Islamic to sweep into power and to spread terrorism around the world. They do not want to talk about Clinton’s appeasements that allowed Osama Bin Laden to live another day to create 9/11. They would hate for Americans to know that 70% of all the civil rights laws since the time of Lincoln till now were authored and put into laws by Republicans.


So how do they prevent themselves from talking about it? Easy the DNC party machine yells, screams, and accuses the opposing party of the very thing they are in the middle of doing. The Democrats are so good at deleting and re-writing history that they have convinced millions of Americans and themselves that what they actually did the Republicans either did or are now doing. You know if you call a group a racist long and loud enough it starts to stick, a perfect example of this is the KKK, the Democrats founded the KKK and have convinced fellow Democrats that the KKK is the Republican party. And it stuck because the Democrats define the Republicans at what they are not doing than what the Republicans can do for themselves based on what they are actually doing. In other words, the perception the Democrats create is a greater reality, than the actual reality itself. Frankly most everyday Democrats think Lincoln was a Democrat rather than the reality of what he actually was, the founder of the Democratic party.


Democrats do not want to talk about Soros, or Zuckerberg funding of billions of dollars through foundations to fund everything leads to so much of our inner-city conflicts, so instead they talk louder about the Koch brothers to bury the very voter corruption they love to complain about. Democrats have done a fantastic job of acting as if the Republicans represent the rich only, while the Democrats represent the working-class Union guys. But in truth if you look at the richest Americans today the vast majority of them are Democrats that own Hollywood, own the Tech giants, Global Banking firms, Wall Street Investment firms, Media Oligarchs, and the list goes on of who the Democrats greatly favor in their policy making. And for the last 20 years the Democrats have dramatically out raised the opposing party in financing local and national voting campaigns. The Democrats of the past are not the Democrats of today and the rich now control them in ways they never did within the Republican party.


Here is a question for my Democratic friends… Just how did the Clintons go from the White House back to citizen status and eight years later have a net worth of over $120 million without owning a single company that built a single service or product? Well one thing they did was create a Foundation with at one time over $2 billion in cash but still today pays them for services only a billionaire can afford. Can you spell political corruption? I can… it is spelled CLINTON. In fact, look at how many careers political elites are worth between fifty million and two hundred million dollars as a public servant… Nancy Pelosi is a perfect example of elite corruption. And Biden is an example of one who failed upward and of course the Democrat elites know he failed upward but they kept him in power for reasons that today should be obvious to all, to break the system enough to have a reset to a new form of government that has failed wherever it has been implemented.


But I do not want to pick on just Democrats while no Republican built that kind of wealth from public service the GOP nevertheless many of them have used their prior status to game the system that profited millions to them as well. We cannot see the deal making that is going on within the circle of the elites, but you do get the impression they decided on which party this year is the good cop and which one is the bad cop to keep their power status in place.


To mask their political sins the Democrats were taken over by the socialist elites who love to pull the race card on anyone to the right of them to completely shut down all honest debate and deflect from the core issues and of their very own past racism. If you can believe it the Socialist Democrats even teach that in the 1960’s all the racists exited the Democrat party and became Republicans and that is why today the Republicans are the racist. WHAT? Wow they are good… Poof overnight Republicans were racist this coming from the party that perfected racism to a science. Funny I do not recall any of the famous Democrats of the South changing parties. Even Senator Byrd a democrat was a grand wizard of the KKK… Say it is not so! The fact that the Socialist and leftist took over the traditional Democratic party shows how a party within a party can change a party. While the KKK on moderate side issues finds small alignment of itself with the Republican party, the GOP has completely rejected the KKK as a radical group as much as the Democrats do. Those who claim to be KKK member that run for office within the GOP do not have a chance of being elected, which is quite different from Socialist who win within the Democratic party in increasing numbers. The KKK is bad to be sure but frankly Socialist are more responsible for mass deaths around the world than the KKK. I wish neither of them was a reality.


Democrats are the masters of creating political divides that do not exist. They manufactured that conservatives have a war on women and point to wage disparity between men and women and that they are going to lead the way to equality. They passed a law to ensure that wages would be the same regardless of gender. Yet today the Democrat White House still has wage disparity going on between men and women serving in the same jobs! Say it is not so? Oh, and for the record the Democrats on the hill pay women less than do their fellow Republicans do… The SHOCK of it all… Gosh those Republicans how dare they live what the Democrats preach.


The classic Democrat manufactured issue for me is the voter registration issue. Democrats hate the idea of proving your identity and so call voted ID laws racist. Of course, they want proof of ID for guns, travel, medicine, but not for you vote, the only reason not to have voted ID laws is to cheat, that is just a fact. So, they yell and scream that it is about voter suppression and that the idea of voter fraud is a phony issue. This is where it gets downright funny. The Democrats point to the fact that there is an extremely low amount of voter fraud cases. Well of course there is few cases, because if you do not have voter ID laws you cannot prove voter fraud. Duh! How the heck can you find voter fraud unless you can prove who is who? Of course, if you have no checks and balances it is almost impossible to find voter fraud. Frankly, I am shocked they can find what they do find in voter fraud issues. It is like saying we do not want to have any laws to prove who you are when withdrawing funds from the bank. Then saying there is no proof of bank fraud because you have no laws to support bank fraud issues.


Of all the things we should guard the most in America is the checks and balances of our voting system. Because Republicans want voter ID laws that is the Democrats proof that Republicans are all racists and proves that they hate the poor and want less people to vote not more… What a load of hooey! I do not know anyone in either party that wants fewer voters; they all seem to want more votes regardless of the outcome. So how the “sheepeoples” of the Democratic Party believe that ID laws are a bad idea that proves who you are is racist or hatred of the poor is just stupid. By the way, the truth is because the majority of the country is right of center it would mean that greater voter turnout would favor the right now the left… So much for that silly theory about voter suppression, America is better served when everyone votes, and everyone is who they say they are. Every legal vote should count, and every legal vote counted once. Without ID there is no such thing as legal.


Less you think I am going to pick on Democrats the Republicans (while not as hypocritical) are politically every bit as corrupt, which is why in the end they are different sides of the same coin. It is why I am not a member of either party and tend to view myself as an Independent that is a libertarian leaning, which is small fast government, no debt, and less taxation and more power to the states.


To understand the total and complete corruption of both parties all you have to do is follow the money trail. Both parties have party leaders. These party leaders control the purse strings of the party. If they do not like your voting record, they can simply dry up your re-election’s funds leaving you without a tangible way to move forward and replace you with another who will vote along party lines. Which of these two parties always had it right? Answer… None! Regardless of what is good for their individual States they represent they vote based on retention of their power not on the retention of the power of the people. The idea that we have 435 individuals serving in the House and one hundred individuals serving in the Senate is laughable when you consider how both sides vote not as individuals but in voting blocks. They are not independent of each other but rather totally dependent on those within the leadership of their respective party for funding and support.


The party leaders shift money from one district in one state to another district in another state to buy elections from the other party. They do it to retain power, because in politics the power is even more addicting than money and once, they have the power regardless of what party it is, they never want to relinquish it. This is the corrupt system both parties use.


All these so-called public servants make on average from their public services about $180,000 per year, plus they have a budget for their office of over $3 million a year. All of them have a home in DC and spend little time in their home districts until re-election time.


They have all learned how to hide vast sums of overspending on wasteful projects by tacking them onto larger bills that people have to vote for. And if they object to voting for the major bill because they cannot stomach approving the 1,000’s of pet peeve projects hidden within the bill they are accused of voting against the big bill on things like the military or women, the poor, the sick and the elderly. It is a game which is why congress cannot really vote as individuals and votes in major voting blocks.


The system is so unworkable because the duplicate structures of both parties make it impossible to get anything done. It is really not the left against the right in congress even if it appears that way. It is more about the very nature and structures of both parties. By design they have both corrupted themselves.


They both equally buy elections. There is not one thing you can say about one party that the other party has not done. They both take credit for things they had nothing to do with and pass the blame of things they did to the other side.


These two political groups use to eat in the same congressional dining halls and talk but no longer. That hall is virtually empty these days. Both sides hate each other because they have to take the other out to maintain their political office, power, and income. They have done more to pass their hate and divide the country than any other group of people. They do not talk about what they are going to do for the American people; they instead talk trash about the other side. They do not talk policies they name call. Take any one of their Press releases and you will find that they devote 80% of it trashing the other party and do little to build the nation.


And both parties are equally responsible for the $30 trillion in debt we have. And that is by far the greatest sin of all. They have made us their slaves. They grow the government and their staffing only to control more of the daily details of our lives. The power of the Federal government today is all seeing, all knowing and all spying into the lives of every single American. The Founding fathers knew never give that much power to those who serve you because if you do, you will end up serving them. And frankly we do serve them because today you have little say in your taxes, social policies, education, war, energy, and your bank account. You, me all of us are slaves to the state, like a frog put into warm water we will never know as we sleep that we are brought to a rabid boil.


This is why I wish we had term limits, why Senators should serve one six-year term and Congress should serve instead of a two-year term block, they serve one four-year term. It is why I wish that the President would only be allowed to serve one six-year term. And why the two parties should abolish the whole concept of party leaders, voting blocks and moving political money from one district to the other. What funding done in a district stays within the district and no outside funding is allowed. We should bar the political elites from running for office while in office.


This is why there should be no political money flowing from companies, unions, or wealthy people. And why the maximum political donation should be a $100 taken from your tax filing if you choose to and flowed to your district and none other. The truth is the two political parties are bought and paid for by the very election laws they created. They made themselves the political elite and created a system that if they lost their political job they could still be overpaid as a political lobbyist. This is why the representatives of DC should live in their district and hotel its DC because the voice of the people is in their districts not in DC. And by living in DC the lobbyist easily finds them and then manipulate them with favors. Lobbying firms would have to hire fifty times more people which they could not do, and we would destroy that awful political model in a heartbeat, by our political servants living at home.


The loser in all this is the American people who voted in those who voted in more power for themselves. No other group has cheated the American public more than these two political parties. Not the Banks, or Walls Street or the Private Sector, all of these combined have not cheated the American people more than our two-party system that have collectively placed us in over $30 Trillion in debt.


So, to the Republicans and Democrats of today I want to on behalf of the American people thank both of you for spending what we did not have. Thank you so much for not doing your job, for valuing your power more than the power of the American voter. Thank you for having no common sense, thank for buying your way into office and buying voters to keep you in office. Most of all thank you for the last 60 years of gently removing from the average American the American Dream. Despite your efforts Americans are still the most giving and charitable people on earth. Despite your efforts to divide us and get us to call other names like you do we have managed to know we really do have more in common than we do not…


I know after you completely break everything the everyday American will fix it and we will fix it by vowing never to have another group of elitist lead us as poorly as you have. We will learn the difference between a public servant and the politically elite who serve themselves…


Just saying the obvious once again.

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