Election Day Predictions

100 Percent Election Day Predictions

By Robert Press

With early voting ending in New York State, Tuesday November 8th is the final In Person Election Day of State-wide offices, Congressional, State Senate, Assembly seats.  

A smaller than usual turnout is expected since most Democrats that are unhappy with the high crime rate and other problems will stay home rather than cross party lines as they have been programed over the years. However that should be able to bring a new governor to Albany as the prediction is that Lee Zeldin will be the winner in the Governor’s race. Current State Comptroller Tom Dinapoli is expected to garner the highest number of votes as Democrats should win the rest of the state-wide offices including Chuck E Cheese Schumer. 

There should be no surprises in the Bronx Congressional races, but the question will be how big of a win it is for Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez now that she has picked up Democratic Coop-City. In the Bronx State Senate races the only competitive race will be in the new East Side 34th district of soon to be former State Senator Biaggi in her failed attempt for a congressional seat. Can Nathalia Fernandez do what was once thought that former Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj would do, replace State Senator Jeff Klein as Klein would have replaced Eliot Engel in congress. It is an open senate seat but  Fernandez is now the Bronx Democratic County Committee Chair, replacing Assemblywoman Latoya Joyner who was the odd person out  to make the borough leadership look more like the borough which is a majority hispanic borough. A loss or even close race for Democrat Fernandez to Republican/Conservative candidate Samantha Zherka would be devastating to the Bronx Democratic Party that suffered a crushing blow in the Democratic Primary when it went all out against State Senator Gustavo Rivera who defeated the Bronx Democratic County machine.

At the assembly level the only competitive races are again on the East Side of the Bronx. In the 80th A.D. which has been vacated by soon to be former Assemblywoman Nathalia Fernandez, Community leader Phyllis ‘Tiz’ Nastasio a Community Board 11 member who voted against the proposal to house Rikers Island detainees in Jacobi Hospital, was the Chair of the Morris Park Columbus Day Parade, and has said she would move to change the No Cash Bail Law is on the Republican/Conservative Party lines. The Democrat  is John Zaccaro the Chief of Staff to South Bronx Councilman Rafael Salamanca the current Land Use Chair in the council who is rumored to be running for Bronx Borough President in 2025 when he is term limited out of office. Zaccaro is well known in that South Bronx Council district where he works, and he just joined a local neighborhood organization in this district which he touts on campaign material on September 13th a few weeks ago. This race seems to be very tight and the prediction is that Morris Park/Pelham Gardens Community Leader Phyllis Nastasio will defeat South Bronx John Zaccaro for the 80th A.D. seat keeping a woman there. 

In the 82 A.D. the question will be can current Assemblyman Michael Benedetto do better than his poor showing in the Democratic primary. His Republican opponent John Greany is the former Chair of the Bronx Republican Party and has garnered some big endorsements, but the deciding factor should be Democratic rich Coop-City which is now in the 14th congressional district of incumbent Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez. It is expected that Assemblyman Benedetto wins but will the Coop-City Democrats come out and vote for him and the ticket. 

The opinion here is of this writer and not necessarily that of this newspaper.

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