Fact Checkers are not the Gods of Truth

What are the facts, truths, and opinions, found within religion, politics, and science? Normally I would not care to even ask myself this question because all of it was really a matter of personal choice for most of my life. That was until censorship became a common occurrence within my life and the lives of so many of my friends. The as an adult what happened in the school yard of my childhood was again happening in my adulthood, but it is a bigger deal except now name calling, and bullying is done on a larger scale but with a twist of a preapproved opinions and fact that are then declared as universal truths. Debates, discussions, and dialogue about the honest differences of opinions by various people and groups is slowly becoming less and less of a viable option. What we now seem to have a series of declared new truths delivered to us by State religion of the “woke” which is now attempting to redefine everything by decree. Of course, decrees given to the masses by the few elitists never do work out so well for the givers of the decrees because those who they attempt to subjugated to the decrees push back and overtime they naturally seek their personal rights of free thought, expression, and opinion.

There is something unique about people who truly have a need to control how the masses think. In additional they have this uncontrollable desire to be right and create systems that grant unto themselves the moral authority to declare what is truth, and then behind that truth they create the laws to rule others with their self-declared truth. If you listen to them long enough it dawns on you, they believe they are right about everything when it comes to science, religion, and politics. To accomplish that they need to shift their opinions from being mere opinion to being declared truths and facts. If you listen critically and look carefully, they truly have a Godlike complex. Even more interesting they usually do not believe in God; I suppose this is the case because they know they are merely acting like an all-knowing God. And why not? When they act like they have all knowledge, they naturally reason there simply cannot be a God because what would they ask of God when they have the declare they have the knowledge of all things.

The problem with facts that are declared as truths is that the facts change, and so therefore the declared truths of humankind are also constantly changing. A popular expression among those with a God complex is this subject is “settled science.” In my lifetime I have seen so called settled science change as fast as it was settled. Anyone who knows anything about science knows that science is a journey not a destination. There is always something within the science we do not know about the science that reveals additional knowledge and often makes what was declared truth an untruth. To control all the vast knowledge, they possess they produced their own unique version of the religious doctrine. The Christians had their Bible for their authority, the Jews had the Torah, the Muslims had the Quran, the Buddhist had the Pitaka, the Hindus had the Vedas, and today the elites have the book of the fact checkers.

The word fact is just another way of trying to say the world truth. Fact checkers in my mind would be here is the truth, and the fact checkers data base is bigger than all the religious books combined. The who idea of fact checker as the dual ring of both truth and the final authority at the same time. However, what I have discovered within the book of the fact checkers is a massive amount of opinions that are not facts they are simply declared as facts. What fact checker organizations are, are a series of people who have opinions who censor others who do not have their shared opinions. They should change their self-declared industry name from Fact Checkers to Opinion Censors. That would ironically be more factual and truthful.

Let me suggest something for your consideration. It is I admit mind bending but nevertheless I believe it to be a valid observation. Most of everything we see and hear and are taught that are of significant importance are not facts, nor truths but merely opinions that we privately make a truth to ourselves. It turns out the truth of most things is personal. There are eight billion people on the planet each with their own belief system and none of them are identical. In other words, there are eight billion different versions of personal truth. Now stay with me on this thought.

There are no two Catholics who think and believe the same about everything, there are no two Chinese’s, no two Democrats and no two Scientists, or Doctors, or Engineers, and no two Geniuses that think or believe in an identical way. On every subject known to humankind there is a complete and opposite point of view. We go to war over declared truths that over the arc of time we see were nothing more than highly flawed opinions that millions died over. Think of all the hate generated by those who claim to speak the truth of anything that in the end are merely a flawed opinion.

When you hear the words, this is “settle science” you are listening to someone proclaim they have all the facts and therefore have all knowledge. They are not Gods; they are flawed humans like the rest of us. My observations have been that there are hateful intolerances that have been found within religion, politics, science, medicine, and within every aspect of human life they have touched. Within each human failure has been found on a massive scale that have resulted in the suffering of millions. Do you know why the animal kingdom does not war like the humans? Simple they do not declare to have a corner on the truth, they live by instinct and do not see right and wrong as we do. Those who are intolerant of the declare personal truths of others are just that, and those who are intolerant have a nasty habit of expecting perfection of everyone else but themselves.

Are there things which I sincerely believe are true that others believe to be false? Sure. And that is ok, because I do not mandate, or demand my truth on them, and I would not want to. Truth is a free will thing, not a declared mandate thing. There are valid arguments for nearly everything. When you silence the debate of anything it leads you to a place where the truth can never be discovered Once you silence the silliness of the smallest things you open the doorway to forced beliefs that in the end can justify anything. For example, let’s take to political extremes the KKK and a Marxist. Both have little tolerance for views other than their own, as the minorities they will justify violence for their brand of hate. But I do not want to silence them because in the battle of an honest debate they cannot gain traction and they remain small in numbers, in a world of censorship they simply go underground and it is in an underground mode they grow, this is because without the freedom to be wrong the lack of open, honest debate none of them can be reached to hear another point of view.

Let me give you a view example you can consider. For many in the scientific community the big bang theory is in fact settled science. They claim the Big Bang event happened 13.5 billion years ago and everything in our universe has been moving from the center of our universe where that big bang occurred. We spent $10 billion dollars on the Webb Telescope to peer back in time to revalidate the settled science. The Webb Telescope is designed to work for 20 years and already it has proven to be the most complex and comprehensive tool man has ever created. Honestly, it is a breath-taking achievement. But within three months from its perch a million miles out into deep space what scientist thought was a series of proven truths and settled science has unraveled right before the eyes of those who were blinded by their own God-like knowledge of their self-proclaimed truths. Now they are whispering that maybe it was not a big bang after all and are now admitting they do not know what they were so sure of. The math that held their perfect theories in place is wrong, so the facts of the science was wrong, and the truth is not the truth any longer.

The more I think I know what is true, the more I am sure I do not know what is true, that I wanted to know was true. But that is ok. I know that there are things that I believe are true that are more matters of faith for me. For example, I have faith in God, I have belief there is a God, I have enough faith that for me my faith is my declared truth. Notice that I said my truth. I did not say it was true for someone else I simply said it was true for me. Searching for the truth of anything that is real and lasting is the journey of one, which is why the truth is deeply personal. And people should not be pushed up against the wall of their faith by those who believe what they believe is either the truth or a more enlighten version of the truth. Frankly, the faith I had has a small child was simple and easy everything was black and white. Today I see my gray and less black and white. The black and white is still there but the scale of gray is larger now and it had blurred into the black and white. I do not declare what is black, white, and gray for others, but I can declare it privately for me and I have. My faith does not answer all my questions, but it does answer enough to perfectly keep in intact the faith I do have.

The same is true for my country. I have faith in my country, this is because I have faith in most people who live in my country. I have little faith of those who represent the country because they changed their role of representing people to leading them. I have an understanding why many hate the country I love, as I know why we have national secrets, they are to hide the sins of our past and our todays.

I have faith in science being a never-ending journey, but I do not have faith in science as the destination because history has proven they are right as much as they are wrong. I want to have faith in the political system, but they are proven to be more wrong they right as time goes on. When Fauci causally said, they are not arguing with me they are arguing with science and I am science, in that moment he clearly showed his God-like view of himself. Of course, if you listen to everything he declared as a truth he back peddled on all of them and like a false God could not admit that he changed his opinions that he declared as truth.

The word news is an acronym coming from the phrase North, East, West, South, or NEWS. It is information coming to us from all corners of the earth. As it travels to us it is filtered by those who gather it and then translated to us from their biases. These organizations then decide solely on profit models what NEWS we will see and not see, and then how that news story will be told, in other words what lens will they use, these lenses will include the lens of various religions, political beliefs, scientific views, and medical understandings. Each of these lenses has a money trail, and the money trail decides on how, when and the time the story is to be told. We are fed this information carefully because how we are feed what we are told will dictate how we spend our money. So much of our so-called truth therefore is not truth driven it is instead money driven. Money driven truth is pure and simple propaganda.

To see the truth of anything whatever lenes you have needs to be removed because our personal lenes are the matrix of our own creation. For me this is not easy. Here is why!

I am designed to believe in the truth. I wired to believe there is a truth at the end of every view. But the truth of everything I see has the filters of others that really, I should not simply trust for the sake of trust because they appear to be an authority on the topic, and it does not matter what the topic is. And usually when the truth of anything is mandated, it is the sign that is a big lie which is why it has to be mandated.

We all like to throw around concepts of critical thinking. Of course, when we do that, we are usually claiming that we are thinking from the position of being a critical thinker, or that our view is the truth. Of course, the greatest critical thinkers are those who question most that which they believe to be the truth. They are critical of their own thinking and spend little to no time on the critical thinking of others, which is what real critical thinking is.

Now it may not come as a shock to you that I am religious, that I am a Christian and have a brand of Christianity that I believe in. For me it is my truth, and I am perfectly ok with the fact within Christianity there are many brands and most Christians by the nature of their faith are sure of their truth. Even within my brand I do not know any two people who agree are every single point of doctrine. But it brings me to a point. Of a Christ who answered every questions ever asked of him either directly or through a story or parable. He answered all but one asked of him by the Roman Governor Pontius Pilate, who asked, what is truth? Christ stood before him completely beaten, bloody, and said not a word. Early without being asked Christ had told others that he was the truth, the light, and the way. But when asked in that moment he said nothing.

I like to think in my writings and musings I am stating facts, and truths, but the truth is I am not, and neither is anyone else. I am like everyone else you know or will ever know who is at best merely stating an opinion that we can make more than an opinion and we can declare as the truth. What is a fact, a truth? It is an opinion that time will modify into a new improved fact and truth. It is a merely a thought, trying to find on its journey to its destination the truth.

So, what is truth of anything and everything? Simple we do not know and cannot possibly know until we die, and if there is a real God, that God will let us know then. Until questions daily that which you believe in most and do not let anyone cancel, censor, shame, or bully you as to what your belief. You right to believe what you want never came from a fact checker, it came from God… and if you do not believe in God that is ok you can same it came from the Universe.

Just saying the obvious once again.

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