Van Nest Holiday Festival and Christmas Tree Lighting

Van Nest Holiday Festival and Christmas Tree Lighting

By Robert Press

As the darkness of the night began the temperature began to go down. Tables were being set up to hold the hot cocoa and cookies while other tables were in front of the Giant Cross of Van Nest for Santa to give out the many toys that were sitting upon them. Representatives of Bird Escooters were on hand to give out helmets to those who ride the Escooters where one must be wearing a helmet to ride. They also had an information sheet they were handing out to people who wanted to know the rules and how to sign up to ride the Escooters. 

The festivities began with Van Nest Neighborhood Alliance President Bernadette Ferrara saying this was the ninth Annual Tree Lighting as Father Emmanuel Dafe of St. Dominic’s Church gave the Christmas prayer. The Van Nest Christmas tree was then lit as Santa Claus came out to say hello to everyone, and get ready to give out all the toys that were waiting to the children who were present. 



There was a crowd around the Byrd Escooter table as the company handed out free helmets which are required to be worn when riding an Escooter.
Hot cocoa with whipped cream was given out as the temperature began to drop.
There were two tables of cookies to choose from as VNNA VP Jackson-Mendez sets the cookies out.
VNNA Secretary Marion Reindeer helped give out lighted necklaces. 

VNNA President Ferrara with Father Emmanuel. 


Santa asks a few children what they want for Christmas.

A group photo of those who attended the VNNA 9th Annual Christmas Tree lighting in front of the Giant Cross of Van Nest. Many of the children are wearing the lighted Christmas necklaces that were given out by Reindeer Marion.
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