49th Precinct Council November Meeting

49th Precinct Council November Meeting

By Robert Press

Tuesday November 29th was the 49th Precinct Council meeting, which was held at the Eastchester Gardens Houses Community Center. Very few people were in attendance since the site of the meeting was only posted a few days in advance, and not the required ten days in advance of Precinct Council meetings.

Ms. Rhonda Coleman-Brissett was presented with a certificate of completion of the Citizens Police Academy. 49th Precinct Commanding Officer Captain Gareth Kentish presented a brief update of crime figures in the 49th Precinct. Most reported crime is up, the number of calls has increased, and the precinct has less officers and cars on patrol than in previous months. 

The Cop of the Month Police Officer Steven Valarezo was not present, The Civilian of the month award was presented to Mr. Matthew Murphy, Neighborhood reports from Eastchester Garden, Morris Park and Bronx Park East were given as Precinct Council President Thompson once again skipped the Pelham Parkway Neighborhood Association President who was in attendance and heard after Crime Prevention Officer Mederos gave his tips on staying safe and not to leave your car running to go into a store for a few seconds to come out and see the car gone. 

An issue was brought up where the vacant Assistant Secretary position was brought up by a member in good standing. A motion to eliminate the unneeded position which is an optional position as is the Corresponding Secretaries position was squashed by President Thompson, and when the member in good standing presented themself for the vacancy it was said the position would be filled at the next election in June of 2023.


Ms Rhonda Coleman-Brissett holds her Certificate of completion of the Citizens Police Academy as she stands next to 49th Precinct officers (L-R), Community Affairs Officer Powers, Captain Kentish, and Detective Sturdivant.


Mr. Michael Murphy holds his Civilian of the Month Award as Captain Kentish, Precinct Council President Thompson, and Keith Ramsey of the Eastchester Garden Houses are also in the photo.


Crime Prevention officer Mederos goes over his many tips on staying safe, not to leave your cars idling unattended, and not to leave your holiday packages bought  in plain sight. Officer Mederos added that people walk along cars to look in them to see if there are any unattended items that they can steal.
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