Al’s Article

By Al D‘Angelo

Voter suppression, voter ID, ballot harvesting, voter fraud, mail in ballots calls by Republicans and Democrats alike to revise our voting system. What happens when truth is suppressed for political gain? What happens when falsehoods are spread for political gain? What happens when 50 prominent national intelligent experts lie to the American people for political gain? What happens when the press and social media conspire to keep the truth from the American people for political gain? To win by any means possible is not the American way. We teach our children about fairness, honor, and commitment to hard work. What do they see: Our political leaders lie for personal gain, people committing crimes with little or no consequences, more and more people relying on the government for assistance, they’re being forced to wear masks while illegal immigrants enter our country without masks or vaccines, they see carrying a loaded firearm has little or no consequence, they see their parents struggle and save to buy necessities as they watch on television as people walk into stores and take what they want and no one stops them. Do you think they will believe what you try to teach them or what they see. How long before they take the easy way. When do we come together as one country and put country and values before politics. Wrong is wrong no matter what the party. It seems you’re only wrong if you are not the party in power. We have 3 branches of government to insure there are checks and balances. Then we have the fourth estate, the media, which is supposed to inform the public and do investigative reporting to uncover corruption wherever it may be – Watergate and Willow Brook are two examples where the media was responsible for positive change. The media of today has become so politicized it prints falsehoods and suppresses stories that are not helpful for the party they support. A perfect example is the Hunter Biden laptop scandal. It was reported by one new paper and the other papers and social media were quick to label it as fake news without even looking into the allegations. Could that information have made a difference in the election? I will leave that up to you to decide. The media has a sacred duty to inform the American people and every American regardless of party should hold them accountable. To look the other way because it helps their cause is being complacent in deceiving the American people. Wrong is wrong no matter what party. It is disgraceful when the people we look up to give the wrong examples to our children “win at any cost”.

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