Bronx Borough Hall Menorah Lighting

Bronx Borough Hall Menorah Lighting

By Robert Press

It was a chilly Tuesday afternoon and would get colder as the sun set when the Bronx Borough Hall Menorah would be lit on this third day of Chanukah. Rabbi Michoel Mishulovin and his wife Chana Muhka Mishulovin of the Chabad of South Bronx located at 177 East 161st Street along with Johnathan Abramowitz who did the Chanukah Blessing as Rabbi Mishulovin lit the Middle lamp first, and then the three right lamps to symbolize the third day of Chanukah. 

After the Chanukah lamps were lit there was dancing as Chanukah is a joyous holiday of the miracle that the oil in the lamp in the story of Chanukah lasted for not just one day, but it lasted eight days, thus the eight days of Chanukah. After the dancing everyone went inside to have traditional Chanukah food of Jelly Donuts and Potato Lakes, with hot cocoa or water. 



Chana Muhka Mishulovin tells the story of Chanukah and the story of Bronx Borough President.
It was time to light the menorah as Rabbi Mishulovin lights the middle lamp as Johnathan Abramowitz (right) says the Chanukah prayer. Bronx Borough President Gibson looks on.

The three lamps are lit, and now it is time to dance.

Bronx Borough President Vanessa Gibson (right with the red hat) joined in dancing to the light of the menorah.

One final photo before everyone went inside to enjoy the traditional Chanukah Jelly donuts, Potato Lakes, and Hot Cocoa.




The crowd inside the Bronx Borough Rotunda enjoying the Jelly Donuts, Potato Lakes, and Hot Cocoa.
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