49th Precinct Toy Giveaway 

49th Precinct Toy Giveaway 

By Robert Press

It was a cold Wednesday evening, but there was plenty of warm Cocoa and snacks for the children to enjoy as they waited for Santa Claus to come to the Starbucks of Morris Park. Officers of the 49th Precinct, Auxiliary Police officers, and Explorers from the precinct were on hand to set out all the toys Santa sent ahead of his visit.

Since Santa could not land his sleigh on the very busy Eastchester Road, Santa got a police escort in the Auxiliary Police van. As he stepped into the Starbucks children mobbed him and that famous ‘Santa what did you bring me for Christmas could be heard’. There was a toy for every child as Santa said he sent 101 toys ahead of him. many children small and large sat on Santa’s lap to thank him. 


Santa arrived to say hello to all who were waiting for him to arrive.



The Children ran to Santa to say hello.



These children looked to see which gift they wanted as Santa’s helper from the 49th Precinct Explorers looks on.
This little girl wanted her photo taken with Santa.


This girl also wanted her photo with Santa.


Miguel the manager at Starbucks brought his children to see Santa.


Even Community Affairs officer James Graham had his moment on Santa’s lap.
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