The breaking of America now needs Heroes

The breaking of America is an inside job and so will be the heroes that will fix it. Just prior to the 2022 election I took a break from writing about what I saw that was happening inside DC. The election came and went and in some cases results from the election was not known for six weeks. It was obvious just looking at the election processes just how broken we are, when we have to wait six weeks on information, we should have had that night by 10pm. The average American knows we are broken they just do not seem to understand why we are so broken and how broken we really are.

The national divide is as deep as it is massive. Even worse is our divide is bought and paid for by the elites. You cannot lead a united nation, because United Nations have representatives who serve the will of the people. While a divided nations require leaders who can main their power though the use of the great divide. These elite leaders seem to believe they know better than the typical citizen of our nation, even though the unmistakable evidence proves they are wrong about the vast majority of the things they say, think, and do. Billions of dollars paid to the elites are poured into elections by the few to sway the many into believing they are solving complex issues that the elites make more complex and dangerous for the vast majority of Americans. And clearly the billions of dollars invested into buying Local, State and National elections is serving the few who are somewhere in or outside the country. No matter how you see it this one truth is inescapable if most of the people are losing then there are just a few who are winning big at the expense of the many. Clearly the American people are losing and losing so fast that they are unaware of just how great the loss already is.

But like everything related to power to find its true motivation one only needs to follow the money trail to understand who has been winning at the expense of the American people. When we see things that do not make sense to us as to why DC did what it did, then it stands to reason there is someone who it does make sense to and who benefits mightily from it. Let me give you a few examples in an effort to take the mask off the matrix that is at the very heart of DC. To do this I will do my best to stay away from conspiracy theories. However, like most of us, I have come to see that so many of yesterday’s conspiracy theories in fact became today’s reality.

So, two years ago it did not make sense to me to give up our energy independence from our very own US production of oil, gas, and coal. It felt like to me if we did that, we would give up our security and financial advantages to everyone else including our enemies. So, the logical question would be, why would anyone who took an oath to protect and defend our nation as an elected official reduce any of our abilities to protect and defend ourselves? And if they could do that, one would have to produce greater threat than our financial and national security. It would have to be a threat so great that they could claim they are saving us from our own demise. Of course, that claim was climate change and was used like a political ramrod to inflict as much fear as possible so they could do whatever policies they liked without losing power. The sad news is these titans of industry got their paid for political hack to implement policies that are already proving to be a greater threat to America than the so-called climate change threat. So, the villains became the heroes for “fake saving the world” while the American people lost because of horrible policies based on a series of lies that punished American so then the question is who won?

Well, the first clear winner when we waged war on our own energy resources was OPEC. With our new policy they could now take control of the worlds production of oil, then slightly slow it down to jack the price of energy up not only for the US, but globally. China did not slow down coal production they increased it, driving their manufacturing of products up while driving our manufacturing down. Inflation broadsided the economy in the US. Now costing the average American family $12,000 more per year to survive. The number of American people living in poverty went up, the number of people on food stamps went up, and as a result the crime wave in the US in terms of real numbers went up and have never been higher. This reality is because our energy costs are tied to the cost of everything in our economy and people will do what they can to survive, including robbery, stealing and flat-out murder.

While we created a shortage of oil inside our country, we had to use our very own strategic oil reserves which is designed for use to defend our nation which in turn has a direct impact on our national security abilities. Then for the first time our supply chain systems started to break down internationally and then nationally. And so, the first wave of shortages hit us, but it is not the last wave of supply shortages that will greatly impact everyday American families. Who would have ever thought baby formula would ever be an issue in the United States. Not me. The savings accounts of average Americans were being depleted while the White House was throwing lavish parties serving Maine Lobster Tail to the elite. How out of touch the powerful are when they believe they cannot ever be touch or held to account.

The winners are obvious, right now the Saudi’s and Russians are making Trillion’s while America is losing Trillion’s. Meanwhile China is cutting deals left and right, while hiding their true decrease in oil pricing by trading it out with increases in pricing of their goods and services to other nations. Russia could now afford to start a War in Ukraine, that the US will foolishly spend Trillions on. It is really money we do not have to fund a war we should not be in, yet the vast military complex within the US is creating the highest returns ever for a few of the elites who run that complex in the US and abroad. Honestly, it was and remains a clouded mess that is only getting worse each day. The promise we were told was if we waged war on our oil industry, we could save the planet. But what we really did was grow the oil industry on the same dang planet elsewhere. We waged war on our coal and then grew the coal industry elsewhere and we grew it inside countries that do not use our cleaner technologies to do it. In other words, we made the planet less green with our so called enlightened green policies by simply exported greater pollution for the planet to other nations who want us to believe in green but who will not do green. Plus, we then foolishly then rejoined the Paris accords to again start to transfer billions to these countries who don’t even pretend to comply to the standards we are forced to comply to. Honestly, it would be funny if it was not true. Only those who can be purchased for a price could and would be so traitorous. Rest assured traitors are among us, and the results and the money trails are there for anyone who simply wants to see reality and get beyond their own political echo chamber that lies to each of us daily. Only evil pretending to be virtuous can move trillions around the planet in plain sight with nobody taking notice of it.

It turns out that not only is our government elites dangerous to America with this nonsense, but America is also now dangerous to billions outside of our nation while these global elites run around on their jets throwing parties for themselves for all the supposed good, they claim to be doing for the earth and peace. But the truth is right now 350 million people on the planet because of the fake energy pricing crisis they created are now in life threating situations of not having the heat, food, water, and shelter they need to live. None of this makes sense unless someone is benefiting from these horribly stupid and arrogant policies. If you are China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, and others then you love it because you are winning big time with the bad policies of the US. If you are in the US and you win big contracts with these countries and get blow back funds from US taxpayers, then you are swimming in bathtubs of cash nightly.

But that is just one bad policy whose full impact and full level of pain is yet to be realized. And when we reach the max level of pain, the question will be, is it too late. One of the reasons we are the financial powerhouse we are is because the bases of trade within the oil markets is the US dollar. Even when we spend money we don’t have and are $31 trillion in debt, we keep afloat because US dollars are used worldwide to buy oil. We are who we are because the US dollar is the global currency. Four years ago, for the first time in 70 years during the Trump administration we not only became the leading energy producer in the world we were also energy independent. That is when we really locked in the strength of our global currency. What you may not understand is this, the global currency of the world is controlled by the superpower of the world. In fact, to be the superpower you must be the owner of the global currency. Oil elites of the other countries could not have that, and China saw it as a threat to their goal of being the clear superpower of the world. Something had to be done and done fast to weaken America quickly and from within. There are no other viable options for the nations that view us as the enemy than to corrupt us from within because of our current military might.

Like a chess master in a chess game China this week went to Saudi Arabia and requested that China buy oil in their currency and that other nations to be allowed to do the same. Because of China’s heavy investments in other nations those nations will comply and comply quickly. You might not know what that would mean, but in a nutshell in a blink of an eye the financial superpower of the world would be China while the US would be simply the greatest debtor in the world. History has proven nations fall quickly when they lose control of their wealth and turn it into debt. And who owns the debt of America? Well, you do, to a total of $1.5 million dollars for each and every American all 340 million of us. Yes, our $31 trillion plus our $300+ trillion in unfunded liabilities will wipe out 100% of all savings, all retirements funds, all social security, Wall Street, and our Banking systems. And the mystery of the Fed will be realized that we all voted in people whose policies most likely unknown to them were nothing more than the biggest Ponzi scheme on earth. Every safety net we built will be gone, health services wiped out and the legal systems up in smoke.

If you follow the money trail of the global green elite cult you will magically see the propaganda and funding comes from the very people and countries who financially benefit from the movement of who supplies the world with energy and the trillions it produces. We are being played like the fools we are with zero common sense nor the ability to see the moves others are making on the chess board. We are not moving our own pieces the other nations of the world are moving everything on our board. We talk and fight about the stupidest issues we can imagine while our nation is being burnt to the ground by those who want us to hate out country and each other. The sad truth is its working, and when we wake up, we won’t think about left and right America we will think about the poverty and slavery we created for ourselves because we allowed the greedy hate teaching elites to rule over us. There is nothing they are doing that represents the vast majority of Americans and our real interests today. Never has a nation been given so much and squander so much in such a quick period of time.

The US in the last few years as implemented as many failed policies as it possibly can and you can see it everywhere and in everything, and yet we simply look at the train we are on fly off the cliff as if it will not impact every man, woman, and child. And when that day comes the last thing, we will be thinking about is pronouns given the mess we will be in.

Our Southern border is just another massively failing policy that again is financially wiping us out but also greatly impacts our national security. While we have our energy enemies who have bought and paid for our politically elites to be completely incompetent, we have other enemies found within the global trillion-dollar cartel business who have also purchased protection of their corrupt enterprise from the political, legal, and media elites to focus on our nation’s past sins while they commit even bigger sins today that are far worse than our past sins. Our policies today support the world’s biggest drug, human trafficking, and sex slavery operation in the history of the world. These policies keep alive the most dangerous gangs who distribute humans, drugs and child sex operation with murder rates that are unprecedented. These drugs in the last decade have killed nearly 2 million Americans and not a word is said. Nearly 250,000 immigrants on the other side of our border have been killed, beheaded, and tortured and now are in mass graves. It was our policies that did that and our policies that continue to allow it to happen at increasing rates.

Frankly while the American people are good and honorable, but I believe based on the results that we have one of the most corrupt governments on the planet. It is shameful and unacceptable that act like we are enlighten when we are not, and clearly, we live inside a matrix that lies to us daily. They lie two ways one by flat out being untruthful and second by hiding their crimes. I believe most of our secrets are the secrets of our crimes. Heck we still don’t have all the files of JFK and everyone who had anything to do with it is dead and gone. What is not gone are the organizations who have to continue to hide whatever they are hiding because they know the Americans would be shocked and wouldn’t put up with it. The truth is most people on the planet really like Americans, but way too many hate America not because of you and me but because of those we place in office who are obviously corrupt if you simply looked at the results. They hate what we did within their nation, and I am sure it wasn’t good, because what they are doing inside our nation is GOD awful.

With our borders wide open, it then becomes a national security risk. Let me give you just one really bad example of what we are opened too. We are opened to suitcase nukes. Nuclear warhead that fit inside a suitcase. They are real and they are not secure. They are no more secure than the virus in the Wuhan lab or nor the hacks that have happened inside the US’s most secure data and national security secrets. The nukes that will go off in the US will not fly by missile, they will already be on our soil via our Southern border. Many countries could do it and worse many want to do and at the very top of that list is Iran who views us as the great Satan of the planet. Meanwhile we have the woke talking about things that truly do not matter if our nation is not around to protect their views while they deny the views of others. We are beyond naïve, and the few are now a danger to the many because the elites control the power levers that control the public opinions that are not fact based but fear based.

So why do we put up with these so-called elites who have clearly fail us all? Why do they still hold public office? This is where it gets dicey for all of us. While other nations who hate America and may like Americans end up not liking any of us because we pay taxes and vote people into power who corrupt us and them and everything they touch. This is why Terrorist groups feel justified to take any American as a hostage. We allow the evil to happen, so we are the evil to them. It’s not fair, it’s not right but at least we can see how many of them view all of us.

If you are a democrat or a republican, you are caught in a buzz saw because regardless of the two party the system that is corrupt and does not change regardless of the party in power. The structure these two parties created to stay in power is as corrupt as it can be. It really has zero to do with the founding fathers who structured our government not knowing we would end up with laws that equally protected both parties. Right now, I think of the two parties the democrats are currently to blame for the current massively failed policies. But the truth is the roles of which party is doing more harm than good have changed back and forth over the decades. Defending either party is foolish because they both equally failed the American people by placing party over country.

So why is it that obviously bad candidates get elected? Simple, billions of dollars are spent each election cycle to not vote for someone but to vote against someone. When you have political claims that are purposely taken out of complete context and then have those claims repeated thousands of times per week in ads and paid for news hit pieces you can easily shape, and impact public opinion based on fear and hate. It is not real but perception is reality and so you can in affect buy an election. For example, when $200 million is spent on a single Senate race, and most of that money is coming from out of that state that then is a bought and paid for candidate, period. And the typical voter today are one issue voters which means if their party wins, they are justified in their minds even if that same party wipes them out financially or drags their sons and daughters into war. They will still believe in their party 100% of course their party will naturally say that their failed policies failed because of the other party. Forget about the argument both sides will say about critical thinking. Real critical thinkers will know in a flat second that a represented government of 50 completely different States with different needs cannot be served by a two-party system. That is not representative government that is a war of power between two parties who will destroy the country before they destroy their own corrupt party structures. As long as we have a two-party system there is no such thing is critical thinking… it is only elite thinking of those who want to stay in power. A rock star in like having a rock star within jury, they are there to serve and leave not to remain in power by blaming others for their failures.

In marketing we have a principle of reach and frequency of a message. Which means if your message reaches 92% of the population at least seven times a day it will stick. All brands that are brands know this. So, they advertise their products often enough so that mind share turns into market share. Frankly with news media outlets, social media, and our addictive smart phones we are being programmed daily. I do not want to be unkind, but you can convince millions of bright people to vote against one candidate by accepting a candidate who cannot read, nor speak well, nor understand issues clearly because of a brain damaging stroke. This is a perfect example that they really didn’t vote for him but voted against someone they were programed to hate, to fear, and despise. We know this because people today are so easily trigger against another point of view, they think they understand but do not. It is the subtle mind-numbing effects of long-term propaganda. We are a society so steeped in paid for propaganda designed to profit the few. We simply declare it all our party might say to be truth and then boldly declare that only we are using critical thinking and those who do not align with our thinking are into their propaganda. The truth is both sides are right, and both are equally triggered and equally wrong on a number of issues. The very first issue they were taught to do is hate others who had a different point of view. To justify name calling, bullying, and shaming fellow Americans. But you know who loves this? China is at the top of the list because they have benefited the most from the divide and they will continue to do their party to keep the divide of hate alive and well. And to make sure we are focused on nonissues and low priorities by funding anything and everything that will keep us at each other’s throats.

If you listen carefully to the political elites they promise the same things, they did 50 years ago that they have yet to deliver on, in fact every year they make it worse. They never really tell you how they will fix things, but they will tell you why you need to fear their opponent and why you need to keep them in power regardless of the outcome of their policies. They are truly the master shapeshifters of our time. And are amazingly successful at the art of power for powers sake.

It turns out the very thing that made America great which was our wealth used to corrupt and divide the nation we love. Our wealth has now become our debt, and our debt is now the chain and ball around our necks. Those in power will print trillions to prop up and fake economy then spend billions to control their messages, their self-interest narrative as they continue abuse their fellow Americans to simply stay drunk on the power, they un-righteously weld on a daily basis. They love self, more than country, because only love of self over country could have these very ugly results. Only love of power, money and greed could tank America within. Our enemies from outside know of our lust for money, and our culture of greed. And they are feeding us all the money we need to choke on it. And they will be happy to pick up the piece of a nation who was taught to hate itself self and they will rule with the iron fist of the debt we created. It is after all history repeating itself again. Even with our advances in science, medicine, engineering, technology we as humans remain unchanged as the weakest link in all of our creations. We alone learned nothing of our past, which we either rip down so we can’t learn from it or blame those in different times for our inability to have context and go back in time to blame for whatever little grievances we have today compared to those who actually lived through awful times and prayed we wouldn’t make the same mistakes we clearly are making today. Yes, we all have a problem with critical thinking, the proof is we are making the world a more dangerous place, with the ability to wipeout all of mankind within a few short months.

What we need today is a nation full of heroes who are not enticed by money but by service. Heroes who love their nation more than power, or party, or greed, or fame. Heroes who have common sense. Heroes who have the ability to understand what the highest priorities of the nation are and fixing them first before dealing with all the nonsense issues we are watching these elites wasting all of our time on.

When do heroes show up? Well, they show up when the pain is so great that only heroes have the courage to stand up and openly challenge the insanity of it all. They are usually those who do not want to be a hero, they do not see themselves as heroes, and are forced into a role they never wanted. They show up at an inflection point of great sorrow and adversity. These heroes are not obvious at first and those in power first ignore them, then bully them, then shame them, then prosecute them for made up reasons, then they may even jail them like so many heroes have been throughout history. Whatever the pain the lone heroes were feeling at the time they spoke up and spoke out is then felt by millions of others until there is a movement of heroes. And until leaders who abused the many with their failed policies have caused enough pain that the people simply reject and remove leaders who fail for representatives who serve by breaking the systems that broke the nation and preserve the systems that grew the nation in the first place. History has proven that the powerful elites never give up the power they slowly took over time, they fight to keep it and will sacrifice others to do it.

Who will be the heroes? Simple the silent majority who are always there in every society abused by the bad policies of the elites. When will they show up? When the policies or so abusive that there is enough critical thinking to know its broken and the people need to fix it. When they understand the elite are representing themselves under the guise, they are representing us. When our moral compass is fully engaged and acknowledge that right is right and wrong is wrong again. Clearly, it’s not enough that most people know something is wrong, but it will be enough when people are wronged to know the heroes have arrived.

Just saying the obvious once again, knowing the heroes will arrive and hopefully on time.

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