State of the 13 City Council District

Councilwoman Marjorie Velazquez Holds State of the District Report 

By Robert Press

This was a rescheduled City Council District 13 State of the District speech from snow that postponed the first date. This day was also bad weather, but it was only heavy rain scheduled which held off until later after the event was held. 

Bronx Borough President Vanessa Gibson was in attendance, and spoke briefly first about the great borough of the Bronx. She wants to invest in public education and generational wealth for the children of the Bronx, the new Metro North stations, a renewed Orchard Beach, and a pathway to the Middle Class in her FY24 budget priorities by investing in our children. 

Councilwoman Marjorie Velazquez was then introduced and in her State of the District speech she went over items such as minority women like herself and the BP who have taken over positions that were held by men only before. Giving ten thousand dollars to to Jacobi Hospital for a new Hyperbaric Unit that is wheelchair accessible. Of visiting senior centers around the district, the eighty-seven million dollars renovation of Orchard Beach to include new lights, concessions, and more, the four new Metro North Stations two of which are in Council District 13 and a third which will be used by some residents of the district. 

The Councilwoman spoke of Quality of life issues where she has advocated for more police officers for the 45th and 49th precincts and PSA 8 at the Throggs Neck Houses. She has co-sponsored over 250 bills in the council, and sponsored Int. 559A requiring that people now have to ask for the additional items such as plastic utensils and condiments that wound up as trash or liter. She finished by saying that she is requesting more Sheriff visits to close down illegal smoke shops, that 5th Avenue solutions don’t always work on East Tremont Avenue, there were over six-hundred applications for discretionary funding, and she has held other events for housing and taxes as she thanked everyone who came out in the bad weather hoping to be able to continue to serve them.



Bronx Borough President Vanessa Gibson spoke first at the State of the 13th City Council District.



There was a large screen on stage to show many of the items that Councilwoman Velazquez has done.

Councilwoman Velazquez spoke of Chairing the Committee on Consumer and Worker Protection. 


Bronx Borough President Vanessa Gibson joined Councilwoman Marjorie Velazquez for a photo op

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