Liberals will really regret indicting Trump in the end

The NY liberals who hate Trump for the pure sake of hate, are making every possible gymnastics twist to indict Trump anything that they can.
To do that they must take everything out of context, then use unnamed sources, and proven fake dossiers to make a case in front of a left leaning closed grand jury who have been screened for their trained hate of Trump to fabricate an indictment. Of course only the we hate Trump side of the case is presented to the jury to get an indictment. Under those rules of a grand jury as they say, you can indict a ham sandwich.
These liberal elites want to be able to use catch phrases to invoke their hate by getting words to stick with Trump to damage him. Titles like one time “impeach Trump” or one time “indicted” Trump.
The liberals want that picture of Trump hauled in handcuffs into a law enforcement building to get his mug shot and finger prints taken. The picture will be in the liberal press with an entitled caption that will read, “no one is above the law.” They don’t care that they contorted the law or if the case sticks, they want the picture and the word indicted to stick.
Trump is in trouble for saying what Bill Clinton actually did. For saying what most of the political elites said and did. They can get law enforcement to indict Trump on hearsay, but can’t lift a finger on Hunter Biden who is on film doing far worse than the hearsay of Trump. These liberal Trump haters even tried to impeach him when he was and then wasn’t even in office with paperwork they are colluded with the Russian song claiming that he colluded with the Russians. It was actually crazy to watch live my very first political kangaroo court case in the United States. The question is why the hate? Why take most everything he said to make him appear vile, and evil for the very things his accusers do daily?
Well because he committed the big sins within politics.
1. He did what he said he would do and nobody believed he could. That proved DC could work when it hadn’t for 40 years. He was fixing in four years what they took forty years to break.
2. He didn’t start a war while in office and that is a big no no within the vast US military complex who profits from war. As well as the vast media complex that profits from war and with no war the pushed harder for the great fake national divide and got it. The war machine hadn’t stopped in 60 years until Trump.
3. Trump wasn’t intimidated by the press and the press hated him for it because the press loves being in charge of US policies. That had never happened to the press, and Trump not only didn’t avoid the press he went out of his way to challenge their horrible views of America.
4. Trump forced other counties to pay their own fair share like NATO and got fair trade back in play and those leftest leaders of countries hated him for it. And the leftest here hated their sweetheart deals ruined. One of many reasons we are over $31 trillion in debt and every American is a slave to that debt.
5. Trump had shut down the southern border and therefore shut the cartel down. Terrorist and drug running were greatly curtailed and human and sex trafficking. Something that the CIA let happened.
6. Trump then improved the living conditions within the minority communities in ways that had never been done before from real income growth to minority home ownership. That was a wrecking ball to the left’s policy agenda to break the minority community’s by funding it with liberal policies that had been complete failures.
7. Trump fixed way too many things to fast from energy, to trade, to taxes and that is bad business for the business of liberal governing. He was not a threat to the country, he was a huge threat to the liberal elites who to this day continue to run the country into the ground.
So here is the deal. If the liberals get their photo this week, that they are desperately want badly, I predict that it will back fire on them like a huge fire storm.
I disliked many Presidents and even saw each them get us into wars and conflicts I thought were frown right criminal. But never once did I think it was a good idea to publicly arrest them and handcuff any of them for a mug shot. But this is what the liberals want. If you fix anything they break they are going to destroy you and create from thin air millions of followers to blindly hate you. That is the power of purposely taking everything out of context placing a magnifying glass on things to make a person a hatable cartoon character.
The reason this is another very bad liberal idea is that millions of additional Americans will rise up to vote even more for a person they perceived as a martyr the left unfairly creates. Someone who is not being treated the same way by those who coverup for their own ilk who have much more and much worse.
The more you understand why they need to indict him the more more you understand they feared his success as President. And they more they need to find anything that they can indict him with to stop him from fixing anything and everything they have broken. All you have to do is look how many things the liberals broke in the last two years and then ask yourself what did they fix? If you are like me you can’t find what they fixed but you sure can see daily what they broke that impacts the lives of your family and friends.
Trump said he would gladly let the liberals indict him on a misdemeanor charge, this at a time when felonies are now totally ignored. He is willing to be handcuffed and will completely cooperate and fully comply as his secret service detail protects him every step of the way. It appears Trumps wants the mugshot more than the liberals do and that should scare them. And this is why the liberals really hate him, he doesn’t fear them at any level. Fear is their tool of choice and it’s maddening to them that he doesn’t work on him and now tens of millions of Americans who can see the hypocrisy of corruption of the liberal elites no longer fear them or their bending of the laws into a double standard.
So shortly we will see the liberals once again try to make a three ring circus of nothing in hopes of slowing down a guy who simply was fixing all they had broken. Thus weakening the country even more and making us the laughing stock of the world which we have become… In the world of liberalism nobody is about the law except for them. Just saying the obvious once again.
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