Fatal Motorcycle Accident on Pelham Parkway West

Two Injured One Fatality in Motorcycle Accident on Pelham Parkway West.  

By Robert Press

According to Highway Police, Wednesday a motorcycle traveling West on Pelham Parkway struck a seventy-two year old woman at the Williamsbridge Road intersection who died at the scene. Also hurt in the accident was a seventeen year old girl who was waiting for a BX 12 bus. It was not known if the forty-five year old driver of the motorcycle was injured. 

The accident occured at 4:30 PM and closed the Westbound Pelham Parkway from Eastchester Road to all westbound traffic except buses that exited at Williamsbridge Road for the Pelham Parkway North service road. Shortly after 6 PM the Highway Police shut down the complete intersection of Pelham Parkway and Williamsbridge Road to do an accident investigation. The intersection was reopened shortly before 9 PM. 


This was the scene after the accident, when Pelham Parkway Westbound was shut down as police cars and ambulances filled the intersection with Williamsbridge Road. The westbound parkway would be closed for four and a half hours. 


The entire front molding was ripped off the motorcycle during the accident.


The molding sits by the bus stop where the seventeen year old girl was hurt.
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