Joseph Thompson Retires as President of the 49th Precinct Council 

Joseph Thompson Retires as President of the 49th Precinct Council 

By Robert Press

At the monthly meeting of the 49th Precinct Council President Joseph Thompson announced his retirement saying that his twenty-three years on the council, fifteen years as a police officer, and involving the entire 49th Precinct area should be more than enough to leave a legacy for people to become involved in the Precinct Council which he said he will still attend. He closed his speech by saying that the current Vice-President Hazel Mura would take over as President until the June Precinct Council elections. He then hugged the members of the council present, Captain Kentich, Community Affairs officer Graham, and Crime Prevention Officer Mederos. Then Joe walked out of the room shaking hands as he left to go home.  

New President Mura continued, she said a few words thanking Joe, and introduced Captain Kentish who went over the CompStat report for the past 28 day. Burglary was up 150% he said, but overall shooting were down with only one in the 28 day period and half as many to date as compared to 2022. Captain Kentish added that there have been thirty-four summonses and two arrests for illegal paper plates. The precinct has gotten a new Executive Office, and he then presented the Cop of the Month award to police officers Ralphy Reyes and Emily Cruz who were on loan to the 48th Precinct where they was a shooting, they interviewed witnesses, got video footage, called the ESU unit, who caught the shooter because of the two officers hard work.

Crime Prevention Officer Mederos said that the increase of burglaries were in the Van Nest area, commercial buildings, and vans such as the Ford Econoline that are often filled with tools. He added that he gives free security checks of homes and businesses on Sundays through Thursdays, and can be reached at 718-918-2026. Next were Community reports of issues in particular communities in the precinct such as homelessness, car accidents, mail fraud, dead end streets being used as social clubs, smoke shops illegally selling Cannabis, and unused bike lanes. A couple of members of the public spoke, one about what the man arrested for sexual abuse of a seventy-two year old woman, burglary, and grand larceny will be charged with by the District Attorney, whose representative said she could not talk about the case. 

May 19th is the 49th Precinct Council Breakfast at Maestros on Bronxdale Avenue off Morris Park Avenue. The event will run from nine to eleven AM at a cost of forty dollars a ticket. There was no announcement of honorees or keynote speaker.



49th Precinct Council President Joe Thompson announces that he is retiring from the 49th Precinct Council leaving Vice-President Hazel Mura as the interim President.
49th Precinct Interim President Hazel Mura then continued the meeting after Joe Thompson left the room.
After Captain Kentish gave his report he presented the Cop of the Month Award to police officers Ralphy Reyes and Emily Cruz, with Interim Council President Hazel Mura between the two police officers.
Representative of the Police Benevolent Association were on hand asking members of the public to support the police officers in their communities, and encouraged the audience to contact their local elected officials in the city council, state assembly, and state senate to support the police not defund them.

Ms. Diaz of the District Attorney’s office speaks of upcoming event by District Attorney Clark. The representative of Public Advocate Jumaane Williams who wants to Defund the Police is seated at the table with 49th Precinct Secretary Grace Lovic taking notes in the background.
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