Kingsbridge Armory Workshop

Kingsbridge Armory Public Workshop #3

By Robert Press

Saturday March 18th was the third of four Public Workshops to determine what the Kingsbridge Armory would look like. It was a moment of Deja vu for me however having been at this point with the shops at the Armory in 2008 proposed by then Mayor Michael Bloomberg. That proposed use of the Kingsbridge Armory would be shot down by new Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. who reopened the process finally to come up with the Kingsbridge National Ice Center at the Kingsbridge Armory in 2013. 

Unfortunately after eight years of waiting with only less than one-half of the funding needed, and feuding partners, the KNIC proposal was killed by former Mayor Bill de Blasio before he left office. Thus a once empty Kingsbridge Armory was thrust upon all but one of its original elected officials who was redistricted to the street East of the armory. A new Mayor, Bronx Borough President, Congressman, State Senator, Assemblyman, and Councilwoman have started from square one to decide what will be going into a thirty year vacant Kingsbridge Armory. Only State Senator Gustavo Rivera remained who was able to secure one-hundred million dollars in state funding for the armory remained, and he said “This is not going to be a simple process, it is going to be difficult.  

This time there were union members mostly in the two rooms at Lehman College rather than residents who lived in the area in the audience. The same chant was heard this time that was heard other times, ‘Whose Armory, Our Armory’. Councilwoman Pierina Sanchez along with Deputy Bronx Borough President Janet Peguero, State Senator Robert Jackson, State Senator Gustavo Rivera, and Dave Greg of the NYCEDC spoke to the crowd first then went into the overflow room to repeat what they said in room one. 


A large drawing of the Kingsbridge Armory was on the wall for all to see the different levels.


Before the workshop began State Senator Gustavo Rivera speaks to one union representative.


Deputy Borough President Peguero speaks as one of the Deputy Directors of the NYCEDC stands near her.


The elected officials would go into the overflow room to talk to the people there as State Senator Robert Jackson is speaking that there is only one-hundred Million dollars of the 1.5 Billion dollars needed now.


Michael Piccirillo of the Carpenters Union speaks to the crowd of union members at the Armory Workshop asking what boroughs the union members were from.


Various union members from all five boroughs made up most of the audience at the Kingsbridge Armory Workshop in Lehman College.
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