Street Co-Naming

Angellyh Marieh Yambo Way

By Robert Press

It was one year prior that this sixteen year old was killed by senseless gun violence while on her way home from school at 1:45 PM. She was a couple of blocks from her high school University Prep when shots rang out killing her and injuring two other students from the school campus who were according to police caught in a gang crossfire. 

In front of 3440 Bailey Avenue where Angellyh Marieh Yambo grew up was a new street sign to be unveiled with the signs Bailey Avenue and Bailey Pl. A street sign Angellyh Marieh Yambo Way to honor the young girl who wanted to be a doctor as requested by her parents and family at the place she grew up, and not the place she was murdered. That was done by City Council members Rafael Salamanca Jr. and Pierina Sanchez. 

New York Mayor Eric Adams, Bronx Borough President Vanessa Gibson, Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark, City Council member Salamanca and Sanchez, family members, friends, and others joined in to celebrate this street co-naming for Angellyh Marieh Yambo to remember a fine young girl who grew up in the neighborhood. 

Each of the family members and elected officials spoke decrying this senseless killing. Councilman Salamanca hosted the event and explained the process of street co-namings. Mayor Adams said in his speech that he wants to get guns off the streets, because they are killing people and there is no place for them in our society. Bronx Borough President Vanessa Gibson said it is a day to celebrate a life that was cut short, a bright young student cut down in her prime, and that this cycle of violence must be broken. Bronx District Attorney Clark said that she will get justice for the family.



Councilman Rafael Salamanca was the host for the street co-naming as he stands between Angellyh’s mother Yanelli and Councilwoman Sanchez who is next to Bronx Borough President Vanessa Gibson. Angellyh’s father Manuel is standing behind in the pink jacket.


Standing under the covered sign for her daughter, Angellyh’s mother speaks about her wonderful bright young daughter who wanted to become a doctor, but her life was taken away as she left her school by a senseless random shooting.


Angellyh’s father Manuel would break into tears as he spoke of his daughter as he stood under the covered name of his daughter on the street where she grew up.




New York City Mayor Eric Adams arrived and hugs Angellyh’s mother Yanelli before speaking.


Mayor Adams mentioned that the gun used was a ‘Ghost Gun’ that is a problem now in the city as ‘Ghost Guns’ are untraceable, but that the NYPD was able to recover this ‘Ghost Gun’ that was used. 



Bronx Borough President Vanessa Gibson thanked Angellyh’s friends and classmates for coming to the street renaming while comforting the family on the tragic loss of Angellyh. She also decried the gun violence in the Bronx and New York City.



The new street sign Angellyh Marieh Way is unveiled exactly one year after her senseless killing. 

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