Bronx Parks Speak Up

29th Annual Bronx Parks Speak Up

By Robert Press

Snow flurries were coming down at the beginning of the 29th Annual Bronx Parks Speak Up but that didn’t stop the parks enthusiasts from coming to the Lehman College dining rooms to first see the many exhibitors from all over the Bronx and beyond.

On hand for the event were NYC Parks Commissioner Sue Donoghue, Bronx Parks Commissioner Jessenia Aponte, On video NYC Deputy Parks Commissioner (and former Bronx Park Commissioner) Iris Rosa Rodriguez, City Council member Rafael Salamanca, and with his twin grandsons in tow was Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz. 

There was a discussion called ‘Greenways, they’ve been a long time coming’ with Dart Westphal, Dave Lutz, and Diane Sergeant. Then there was a panel discussion on New Paths for Bronx Greenways with  BCEQ President Robert Fanuzzi moderating Chauncy Young Coordinator Harlem River Greenway, Christina Taylor Deputy Director Van Cortlandt Park Alliance, Edmundo Martinez Chair Concrete Friends and Bronx Greenway Team, and Brian Hedden Advocacy & Greenway Projects Coordinator, Brooklyn Greenway Initiative. The people then split up into smaller workshop groups and reported back after wards. 


A few of the tables in the exhibit area.


Above – Friends of the Hutchinson Greenway

Right – Community Composting units coming to all five boroughs.

Below – Con Edison.



New York City Park Commissioner Sue Donoghue



Bronx Park Commissioner Jessenia Aponte



Diane Sergeant is speaking with Dave Lutz and Dart Westphal.
Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz gets a few word in between his Grandpa duties to his twin Grandsons.
Speaking is Brian Hedden, with Edmundo Martinez, Christina Taylor, and Chauncy Young sitting, and Robert Fanuzzi standing.


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