When America lies we all lie

I have been thinking a lot lately about the world of lies. And how everything that is false is now truth and everything that is truth is now false. I marvel at how the world’s biggest lies are now the newly revealed truth of a crazy hive mind set of the worlds political, corporate, and media elites. To make the biggest lies stick you need the law which comes from the political elites, you need the money which comes from the corporate elites and the megaphone that comes from the media elites. When these three groups worked together, they are a quick fix “truth” drug. Opinion headlines that take 5 seconds to read are adopted as the truth by millions even billions. The speed of technology has speed up the movement of lies into truths. The world as never seen this level of speed and the speed of lies in a world that needs a truth pause is now deadly for all of us.

As I look at the whole of the world around me it seems like where there is a government there are lies.  And the bigger the government the bigger the lies and the more lies they have to hide. Nobody employs more people within any Government than the United States. Which is ironic because the Federal Government was designed to be small and fast to avoid the very mistakes our government makes at a daily rate that is no longer calculatable/ Did you know that today within the US government there are over a billion State secrets? A BILLION! By no means am I a genius, but I think I have enough common sense to know that when you have a Billion secrets that you keep from the people you represent you are going to have a BILLION lies to cover them up. I am not sure when the lies started within our own government and from this vantage point I can’t see when they will ever end. So, it appears the many lies they have told us are here to stay and will be hidden as a top secret to protect the guiltiest in the name of national security. And this then is the danger of a government who constantly lies and hides, the use the laws to protect themselves and yet use the same laws to go after those who they wish to control. 

If our nation has a billion secrets to hide from us, I naturally wonder how much of it is about the corruption of other governments who mean us harm, and how much of it is about the corruption of our government that harms both us and others around the world. We pledge allegiance to a country that in reality we have no idea what they are really doing or what their real intent is. I would suggest that we have been blindly pledging our allegiance to agency leaders who have committed serious crimes against humanity. They have done it with our money and in our names. The biggest secrets I would bet are so awful that they needed hide their sins as top-secret files and then buried deep into the bowels of the earth. There is one thing that I do understand, and it is this. Evil needs lots of cash to do evil and then they need a lot of cash to hide the truth and manufacture the big lie. This is why when it comes to anything the government is doing following the money trail is the surest way know the truth about what they are doing, who they did it to, and who profited from it all.

I don’t know when the first lie happened within our government, but I am sure it started right at the beginning, it was a small lie in a personal attack about the integrity of someone who had a different opinion than them. Today the art of politics is the art of lies. It’s never about reality with the political elites, it’s about the art of perception, and political perception is not truth, it is political spin, a clever term for a lie. The political and media elites even call them spin rooms, translated meaning a room full of lies.

When you perceive something as truth then it becomes truth to you. If you have enough money, then you can tell the biggest lies and get away with it, even for generations. It’s hard to wrap your mind around evil if you are not evil yourself. You can even fool yourself enough that the lies you see aren’t lies at all, but just simple misunderstandings. Evil always uses another art form, which is the art of deniability. It is acting like your transparent when you are the opposite of transparency.

It’s like the goodness within you has a need to cancel the evil of others just enough to deny it is evil because we reason that nobody in their right mind can be that evil. Denial of evil’s intent is how evil stays alive and thrives. Evil is like a virus that infects a new host who will carry the lie and the evil it will bring to the next person. Then one day you look around you and it dawns on you the world is on fire with evil that started in a wildfire of lies. Lies that divide, lies that create riots, civil wars, regional wars, and global wars. Even when we can all see evil everywhere, we assume that someone other than us will fix it. We stay quiet, we look, we read, we hear all the nonsense around us, while we hope it will just go away, but it gets worse. And that is the nature of a public lie, they don’t heal themselves, they go on until the destruction is so great that the evil found within the lie is banished and goodness is once again restored.

The truth is evil is not sustainable and it will fall on the weight of its own lies, but until that happens millions, even billions will suffer at the hands of the few who author, manufacture and sustain the lies to their advantage. Evil can justify anything and everything, all you have to do is look at the horrors of WW2 to understand that repeating human principle. From that war the world declared, “never again.” And yet here we are with the beginning of a far worst situation that involves not hundreds of millions in a conflict but billions with weapons systems so horrific that it could wipe out 100 million people in the heat of a single atomic flash. Or a man-made biowarfare virus designed to wipe out life on a massive scale. Evil can and will justify anything and everything. It has too many times to deny that it can’t get that bad.

It seems to me that history has proven that people of evil intent have a lust for power, unquestioned authority, and unlimited wealth. They seem to believe that the power of their vast God like intellect will help them save mankind in a world made from their own high imperfect image. They promise to save the world from the very evil they are. They count on the fact that people of goodwill will give them a pass of all their mistakes which they blame on others until they have achieved point of ultimate power where there is no safe return back to what was for people of goodwill. Evil will build governments, corporations, and media systems that are so large and complex that they count on people of goodwill to always assume and trust that they are also people of the same goodwill. Evil will never be people of goodwill.

I know for most of my life I had great faith generally in those that represented us within our government. The slowly as I listened to them speak it dawned on me that they don’t see themselves as representing us but leading us. With representatives you have a voice; with leaders you have no voice. Today I have no voice of any significance. When you look at polling data it’s obvious what the people want is not what the leaders want or are going to give to them. Over time with zero research, I nevertheless could see the lies everywhere. I didn’t need to do research because the lies were obvious based solely on the horrible results of their governing. As the lies got bigger and more blatant, I started reading more about everything and following the government money trails that always led to a payoff to the few. Then there was this theme new thinking of a small group of global elites who built rules, regulations that always benefited them because they just couldn’t have enough power over the many. I saw that their so-called noble causes always came with a huge price tag, they always benefited at the expense of the many. Even worse was the fact that there was zero improvement in solving the core issues that billions and trillions was required to fix it. As I looked carefully at the news, I could see how I was being lied to daily with clever political and media speech. Words were crafted perfectly so as to not technically lie, but nevertheless they did so knowing what people would translate it to mean which was the opposite of the truth. Just remember evil is smarter than you, because they know you don’t think like them, and they know how to make evil good and good evil. The goodness within you can get sucked into a believe system that is cult-like, and you won’t even know it.

This is truly all very bothersome to me at many levels. This is because I dislike conspiracy theories, because they are just another form of a lie that these prophets of doom profit from. Yet here I was seeing a crazy set of events that were not my perception but were reality based on the results I could see with my own eyes.  It is unsettling to love a country enough to lay down your life for it, and yet know that the lies they are now telling are so big that they have become a threat to not only our way of life in America, but a threat to the way of life regardless of which nation you live within. Most of these elites have totally dysfunctional families and yet seriously want you to believe they can fix not only your country, but they want to invade the rules within your own home with their rules.

I started to think when did the lies get out of control? Was there a money trail I could see that would prove to me it was all a lie? Was it a money trail anyone could see, and with just five minutes of thought reason it out? And the answer was simple and obvious. It was found within one number from which all lies within our government flow. That lie was the national debt. It is the keystone of the greatest lie ever told if you wanted to understand the size and scope of the lie. Remember evil needs money to sustain itself, it needs money to hide the lie, it needs money to change the lie to a perception and then a self-truth, and finally money to blame someone else for the results that evil always knew would be bad. This is because those at the top know it’s a Ponzi scheme and like all Ponzi schemes the goal is to prolong and exit from it just before it collapses on its own weight.

When you have a $32 trillion Ponzi scheme in the works you need $100 of billions to keep the lie alive, and you use every trick in the book to keep in going from billions to pay off in favored contracts, to wars, endless chaos, even the fear that if you don’t give them trillions the world will end. You pay off pharmaceuticals companies, media companies, the medical communities, the scientific community, the entertainment industry, the green industry, the sports industry to all have the same voice on issues that have zero to do with their business models. All issues that have to do with what goes on inside the walls of your own home. Think about that hard for a moment. They are not just after running your government at a federal, state and county level. They want to run your home and what you think about life, religion, death, your children and what they claim truth is for you. 

The things I read today are insane, from then wanting us to eat bugs, to the planet being destroyed because of gas from cows, which is why they want us to eat bugs because they seriously have to get rid of cows before the earth burns up in a fire ball of a drought. Now the elites are suggesting via mandates and policies no gas ranges within the home to cook with, no more wood burning stoves to heat a home, and no personal fruit and vegetables gardens without registering them with a government agency. The State now believes it has the moral and legal right to have secret discussions and agreements with your kids about their gender ID, or having an abortion that you as a parent don’t have the right to even know about. The State in doing all this makes the parent out to be the problem, while the State becomes the parent, the solution, and the moral compass for the life of your child. We all know this stuff is not based on common sense. While those you work within the system, then profits from being abusive, controlling, within the framework they created of removing your rights to be a parent for the so called greater good of the collective.

These elites have the right to spend more than they tax and yet hold you responsible in the end for the debt they created. They talk about budgets they have but how do you call it a budget and end up with $32 trillion in debt? That is the opposite of a budget. They talk about social security will run out of funds by 2030. Are they kidding me? If you have that much debt, there are no funds. They have created so much debt that the next five generations of the unborn will be slaves to it. In other words, without us even knowing it, they created the United Slaves of America. It’s an illusion, of fake money that created a fake world, with fake problems all wrapped up in the perfect parlor trick to make you perceive a lie as a truth. If you are an American, you are technically bankrupt and don’t know it because you are living in the matrix of the big lie. Most Americans today are living a life of denial that they can’t see today, but when they finally see it, it will dawn on them then they are ill prepared for what will be next.

It is shameful what these elites have done, it is diabolical, and it is so evil that it’s not possible, which is why it was easy for them to make it possible. When you have that much debt two things happen, first the systems collapse on its own weight with zero warning, and second it sparks revolutions, and civil wars, regional wars, and world wars. Why would anyone do that? Simple, when you have committed fraud at that scale the very best way to hide your evil is within the fog of war. The bigger the fraud, the bigger the war will have to be to hide it. This is the big sin of these elites, because what they have done to us will require the biggest war the world has ever seen to cover it up. Now that is real evil.

We had I suppose, at one time the ability to stop this insane level of nonsense, that is until they created a tipping point of its too big to fail. So collectively we found ourselves in a place where everybody went along to get along, hoping a series of leaders had enough common sense to stop it. What is the greatest threat to all this evil? Simple, common sense. If you have any of that you are a threat to a system that will in the end fail us. Because it has already failed us. We are very much in a free fall without the sensation of falling but we will all know it when we bounce off what will be the end of the road. Then watch the elites figure out who they will blame for their failures. I already know who they will be blame, it will be like always, it will be YOU.

People with common sense are devoid of rage and they are not impacted by name calling, bullying, and censoring. In fact, they laugh at those kinds of feeble attempts to have them fear the evil that is there.  Common sense always wins the debate because common sense knows it has to have results of continual improvement based on priority. Anyone with common sense sees through the tsunami of lies and those who see it the most have the biggest targets on their backs. Just look at who the systems believe is the greatest threat to their games of lies and whoever you see standing in the middle of the storm is most likely the ones who are standing over the target sites to expose just how evil, evil because inside the walls of our own country.

We were told by them that they would fundamentally change America. Well, they did! It’s just a fact. Now they are using their power to abuse those who no longer believe in their lies. Those who can see the vast difference between what they said and what they did. So, what do you do?

Well, that is always the rub, because most will do nothing until their life is on the line. Don’t wait, speak out, stand up, be counted. Evil counts on your silence, it has always counted on the silence of the silent majority. I don’t have to agree with me, and I am sure you have your own opinions. But we can agree that silence is killing us, and more silence will kill the nation we love.

Just saying the obvious once again.

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