I stand with Trump

The dishonest socialist, Marxist, liberal elites had one primary desire: to obtain a genuine mugshot of President Trump, enabling them to perpetually depict him as a criminal. Until now, they had to resort to creating a fabricated mugshot through photoshop, a practice they indulged in for years. However, to secure a real mugshot, they had to concoct as many false indictments as they could across numerous states. They achieved this through a selection of handpicked, politically prejudiced DAs and judges. This is the epitome of political weaponization. It’s not about “no one is above the law” as they often claim, but rather “no one is above our corrupt politics.”
Nelson Mandela was all too familiar with the political weaponization of a dominant political party. Until now, the United States had never experienced a Nelson Mandela style of political persecution, until the era of Donald Trump. This is the sort of absurdity that occurs in underdeveloped nations and flawed judicial systems. This isn’t justice; it’s a concealment of actual crimes committed by the political elites who have wreaked havoc on the country. They’ve shattered everything that could be shattered, and they have no intention of repairing it.
Last night, the GOP presidential debates attracted approximately 12.8 million viewers. Concurrently, Tucker Carlson’s interview with Donald Trump, within a 17-hour span, amassed an astounding 228 million views. The reality is, last night’s undeniable victor was Donald Trump, who wasn’t even present on stage. This is the reason for the left’s fear, as they are aware that he knows their deeds and is resolute in preventing them from completely ruining the country. Hence, they are doing everything within their power to undermine his support. However, they are failing miserably in this dreadful game because they are not omnipotent, and the American people are beginning to resist vehemently.
The more these elites manipulate the laws to target Trump, the more support he garners. Why is this so? It’s simple. Americans recognize when they are being unfairly treated, as is the case now. And they understand that if a former President can be targeted over fabricated allegations, then anyone can be.
The Trump mugshot is evidence that it could be you, merely for expressing views that those in power find objectionable. For me, this is a crossroads moment. I am willing to have my mugshot taken for uttering phrases like, “Make America great again,” or “I demand a forensic audit of the 2020 election results,” or “Build the Wall,” or “The virus originated in China,” or “I advocate for fair trade, not free trade.”
Donald Trump is despised by the deep state because he detests war and is the only president in recent history who has managed to avoid it. Donald Trump is loathed by the media because they enjoy controlling presidents, and he refused to be manipulated by a corrupt press. The truth is, Donald Trump is not the problem. Those opposing him are the problem, and he retaliated by pushing back harder than they did. And they cannot accept that. They are toxic, dishonest, and power hungry and have torn the nation apart.
So, if this is indeed a Spartacus moment, then I am proud to rise and proclaim, “I am Donald Trump.” Here I am, arrest me, imprison me, falsely accuse me. Teach millions to despise me simply because I reject woke socialist and Marxist ideologies. Incarcerate me for discussing the cartel that murders hundreds of thousands of our citizens annually, imprison me for opposing child trafficking.
Imprison me for opposing the war in Ukraine. Imprison me for opposing vaccine mandates and advocating for the freedom to choose vaccination. Imprison me because I am against late-term and near-birth abortions, viewing it as murder and genocide comparable to the atrocities committed by the Nazis against the Jews. Imprison me because I want schools to focus on education, not indoctrination. Imprison me because I believe in free speech, not censorship. Imprison me because I believe in the right to bear arms and protect my home, family, and friends amidst a crime wave because some wish to defund the police.
Yes, I’m willing to spend the rest of my life in jail for my beliefs. I would be proud to stand beside Donald Trump and have my mugshot taken as well. And if I lost my life over all of this, I would declare, “I regret I have but one life to give for my country.”
And so, I stand firm in my convictions, unyielding in the face of the corrupt political elites who seek to silence me. I will not be intimidated by their threats of those who have an honest difference of opinion, or their attempts to tarnish my reputation. I will not be swayed by their false narratives or their attempts to rewrite history. I will not be silenced by their censorship or their attempts to control the narrative about who I am. Only I get to declare who I am, not them.
I will continue to speak out against the injustices I see, to fight for the values I hold dear, and to stand up for the rights of all Americans. I will continue to support Donald Trump, not because I agree with everything he says or does, but because I believe in his vision for America, a vision that prioritizes the needs of the American people over the interests of the political elites.
I will continue to resist the socialist and Marxist ideologies that threaten to undermine our democracy and erode our freedoms. I will continue to advocate for fair trade, for secure borders, for the right to bear arms, for the freedom to choose vaccination, for the sanctity of life, for the importance of education, and for the preservation of free speech.
I will continue to expose the corruption of the deep state, the bias of the media, and the hypocrisy of the liberal elites. I will continue to challenge the status quo, to question the narrative, and to seek the truth.
And if this means that I must face persecution, that I must endure false accusations, that I must suffer imprisonment, then so be it. I am ready to face whatever comes my way, for I know that I am fighting for a cause that is greater than myself.
I am fighting for the future of our country, for the preservation of our republic, for the protection of our freedoms, and for the rights of all Americans. I am fighting for the principles upon which our nation was founded, for the values that have made us strong, and for the ideals that have made us great.
And so, I say to the dishonest socialist, Marxist, liberal elites: Bring it on. I am not afraid. I am ready to debate. I am ready to stand up for what I believe in. I am ready to have my mugshot taken. I am ready to be another Donald Trump.
And if I must pay the ultimate price for my beliefs, then I will do so with pride, knowing that I have fought the good fight, that I have finished the race, and that I have kept the faith. For in the end, it is not about me, but about the future of our great nation. And for that, I am willing to give my all.
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