We forgot the lessons of 9/11

It feels as though 9/11 occurred just yesterday, but in reality, it has been twenty two years since that tragic event. Unfortunately, the lessons of unity and togetherness that emerged in the aftermath of that day only lasted for a brief period.
For a few months, American flags adorned every corner and political divisions seemed to vanish. However, the social conflicts within America escalated rapidly, eroding the very principles that once made the country strive for a more perfect Union.
Pride in our nation was replaced by hatred towards it. Self-reliance gave way to excessive regulations, not for safety but for control. The government imposed further restrictions on thought, expression, and speech, stifling individual freedoms.
The heroes of 9/11 have been unjustly portrayed as villains, while law enforcement has been criminalized and criminals have been given legitimacy. The nation has already forgotten the significance of 9/11, as it now questions the constitution, the founding fathers, and even removes statues of Abraham Lincoln. People are constantly offended by everything, taking things out of context.
The sad reality today is how quickly we have forgotten. Our current government representatives have not only perpetuated endless wars around the world but have also created a war within our own country. The destruction of the Twin Towers was devastating, but it seems that the very foundations of our homes are now being demolished right before our eyes.
One would expect that 9/11 would have shaken us to our core, prompting us to distinguish right from wrong. However, today, it is disorienting to witness that wrong is considered right and right is considered wrong. It feels as though we have woken up in an alternate universe, where everything is the opposite of what we once knew.
In America today, we find ourselves fighting every war we have ever fought, all at the same time. We are reliving and rehashing the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Gulf Wars, and now even the Ukraine war.
We are reexamining the Civil War, discussing past slavery, while the United States government, through its open borders policy, inadvertently promotes modern-day slavery. It seems that big government and big corporations are joining forces against the individual American, imposing a series of mandates that do not serve the interests of the people but rather empower those who abuse their power on a daily basis.
As I consider the reflection pools where the Twin Towers once stood, I cannot help but ponder the lessons we have learned, remembered, and forgotten. The truth is, millions of Americans will only tolerate the erosion of our history and the diminishing of our freedoms for a limited time. Eventually, through legitimate and reliable voting or other means outlined in our constitution, we will reclaim common sense and rectify the obvious wrongs of today.
We are a bankrupt nation, not just financially but morally as well. The true lesson of 9/11 is that if we fail to internalize the lessons learned, something even worse than a 9/11 will inevitably replace it. Personally, I foresee a far graver catastrophe on the horizon unless we swiftly learn from our mistakes and change course.
On this day, I honor those who lost their lives on that fateful 9/11. I pray that their immense sacrifice will not be in vain, and that it will inspire us to preserve our Union, not through the pursuit of power and greed, but through a genuine love for individual freedom and independence.
Once again, I am just stating the obvious.
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