The Hillary Deprogramming Camps

I find it deeply unsettling and incredibly ironic that Hillary Clinton believes those who do not share her political views should undergo reprogramming. It is astonishing that she considers her long history of moral and policy failures, which have resulted in the unnecessary loss of innocent lives, to be a position of political and moral superiority.
I thought her previous comment, where she referred to nearly 80 million Americans as deplorables, was bad enough and that she would have learned her lesson after it cost her the 2016 election.
However, this recent statement about reprogramming is far more concerning and dangerous. It is offensive and alienating to those who hold different perspectives on life, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness. Furthermore, it encourages those who share her beliefs to engage in dangerous actions to enforce this reprogramming. It implies the creation of camps, the rounding up of people, and the suppression of free speech, free will, and independent thinking. We have witnessed this kind of thinking during World War II with the Nazi party. While I acknowledge her right to free speech, it is unwise to make such outrageous statements. It is clear evidence that she has not learned from her past mistakes and continues down a troubling path.
This issue is deeply personal to me because I am one of the millions she believes requires reprogramming. However, considering the negative consequences we have experienced under policies she supports over the past three years, where both Democrats and Republicans agree that the country is heading in the wrong direction, why would I need reprogramming? Unless it is to force me to accept foreign wars, poverty, excessive taxation, inflation, higher energy costs, and limited freedom of speech to address the obvious issues, such as the national debt and the security of our southern border controlled by terrorist groups. The chances of me accepting any of that nonsense through reprogramming are absolutely zero. So, what does that imply? Mass executions?
It is truly distressing for someone in her position, both in the past and present, to suggest or even entertain such thoughts.
I am simply stating the obvious once again. 😏
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