Hamas is not Palestine!

As I ponder over the annals of global history, my thoughts have recently been consumed by the recurring theme of humanity’s brutality towards its own kind. The cycle of history has repeated itself numerous times, and with each repetition, the severity of the cruelty escalates, as does the number of those affected by it.
The world was left in a state of shock when the true extent of the hidden Holocaust was finally revealed and comprehended. The depth of the atrocities committed within the concentration camps was not fully grasped until they were liberated by American and allied soldiers. Our own troops were taken aback, and those who bore witness to the horrors were forever scarred by the reality of what they saw. I am profoundly disturbed by the denial of the Holocaust by millions, or their attempts to downplay the magnitude of the events that transpired. I have visited numerous Holocaust museums worldwide, including in Jerusalem, all echoing the same sentiment – never again!
But “never again” happened again this last weekend when Hamas didn’t commit an act of war but an act of genocide. In many ways it was worse because German gestapo tried to hide the horror of their actions. Hamas would execute, behead, burn alive, and rape their victims using their victims smart phone to live stream the event to the victims family.
Here is an important thing to understand the Gestapo was not the German people, and Hamas is not Palestine. There are more Palestinians who live in Israel  than Palestinians who live in the Gaza Strip. The Palestinians, who live in Israel consider themselves Israeli citizens and are part of the defense forces of Israel. It’s not that Hamas is fighting Jews Hamas is also fighting Palestinians.
I mention this because the precursors to the Holocaust in Germany bear an unsettling resemblance to what I am observing and experiencing today, particularly within America. History does indeed repeat itself, but each time it does, the consequences are graver. I fear that we are on the brink of witnessing a level of cruelty unprecedented in human history. The numerous global elements are all moving in the wrong direction indicate that something is profoundly amiss.
The Holocaust did not commence with the gas chambers; tragically, that’s where it culminated for millions. Today, we look back in disbelief at the horrors that unfolded, yet they did happen. We can watch it in historical documentaries, but the reality of it feels like a fictional movie. It’s challenging to comprehend how a nation with millions of good people could have allowed such atrocities to occur, and how this hatred spread like wildfire across Europe and the world for Jews.
It all began with a single political party gaining control over the media and dictating the narrative on all matters, including those unrelated to politics but crucial for maintaining control.
History has since revealed that these were half-truths deliberately manipulated to foster a false divide that eventually morphed into sheer hatred. It was this propaganda of hate and intolerance that paved the way for large-scale violence. This violence was justified by the media of that era. What was perceived as truth back then was nothing more than fake news, akin to the fake news we encounter today. A press that masquerades as free but is essentially a propaganda machine is not a Free Press. Our press is controlled by those with deep pockets, and all it takes is tracing the money within the vast media complex and its connections to other powerful entities to see this.
From 1936 to 1945, a single political party controlled the media’s daily message. This party dictated what was accepted as the only truth. It swiftly altered national history, censored dissenting voices, and instilled fear and shame through a false narrative that justified political imprisonment. This party transformed education systems into indoctrination tools, teaching young minds to divide and hate. It was this party that divided citizens into ‘us’ vs. ‘them’. And it was the nation’s people who allowed it all to happen, leading to the deaths of 60 million people in World War II. As it unfolded, the majority of Europeans were in denial of what they were witnessing and experiencing. No one could fathom the extent of the impending disaster. So, it didn’t start with gas chambers, concentration camps, ghettos, laws, justified cruelty and violence, or even beliefs.
The genesis of this tragedy was rooted in deceptive words and fabricated narratives that fostered an artificial divide and animosity, all based on a string of untruths. It began with the deliberate misinterpretation of facts, enabling a minority to wield fear as a weapon to control the majority. Millions fell prey to the grand deceptions spun about their fellow citizens and neighbors. This led to acts of hatred, brutality, and violence, all of which were rationalized at the time. It was animosity fueled by falsehoods, hatred for the sake of hatred.
The slow descent began with the passing of laws that targeted individuals from different political affiliations and groups. It seemed innocuous initially, but with the right legislation in place, the spark of hatred was ignited, later to be fueled into a raging inferno that consumed everything in its path. This hatred displaced millions from their homes, forcing them into makeshift ghettos. They were abandoned by their neighbors, condemned by those who were once their friends. Over time, the scapegoated groups were transported from these temporary ghettos to various concentration camps scattered across Europe. They were sent to these earthly hells where millions met their end through execution or suffered in gas chambers. Their bodies were then incinerated to conceal the most monstrous lie ever told. Death was the ultimate fate for those taught to hate for the sake of hatred.
The true horror unfolded when millions of Germans realized the atrocities their hatred had inflicted upon the innocent, their former neighbors, and friends. The terror it brought upon themselves and the rest of the world. They failed to comprehend the magnitude of their actions until it was too late. Regret always arrives too late when hatred is unleashed like a drug, stripping away the freedoms of others. It is an unfortunate aspect of human nature that death swiftly follows such intense hatred.
If you believed this could not happen again, the events in Israel proved you and the rest of the world wrong. We are witnessing it unfold once more, right before our eyes, on a global scale. If you fail to see it, then you are not paying attention, not connecting the dots of hatred, propaganda, intolerance, censorship, bullying, and the artificial divide not only within the greatest nation on earth but the rest of the world. If you don’t feel it, then you are not the target, but you are being manipulated to target those who simply think differently than you.
If you consume enough media, you will be conditioned to despise someone like me… I am too white, too old, too religious, not liberal enough, and therefore, I am labeled a racist, homophobic, and deemed an enemy of the State because I believe in personal freedoms and personal responsibility. The President of the United States has declared that millions like me are semi-fascist. Now I understand how the Jews felt when they were singled out and rounded up. People are being indoctrinated to hate me based on a sweeping judgment of lies.
Indeed, I am an elderly, religious white individual, but the assumption that these characteristics automatically make me a bigoted, intolerant racist is a gross misrepresentation. It’s another grand falsehood, akin to the deceptions that once permeated Germany. Yet, our media, dominated by a single party, paints me as a villain, leading millions to believe this narrative. Such intense hatred often precedes death, as history has shown us.
At the heart of this issue are the influential elites who manipulate the strings of hatred. They employ hate propaganda to maintain their power and wealth. The catalysts for global conflicts, unprecedented in human history, have already been activated. In just two years, the world has been set ablaze, with energy policies once again sparking unnecessary wars. I hear the ominous drumbeats of a larger war, and the term ‘nukes’ is being thrown around far too casually.
History has a tendency to repeat itself, often on a grander scale. It feels like 1938 all over again, but this time it’s not Germany, it’s the Iran in 2023. Believe Iran’s leaders when they say death to Israel, death to America, death to the West. Iran is not the worlds largest financial backers of state terrorism because they love the people of world. They have zero tolerance for anything other than their caliphate state and global jihad. They use Hamas as a petri dish of expendable cannon fodder to determine how to fight and win against the West their, vowed enemy. They will use Hezbollah as well. And other Terrorist fronts as their proxies.
Hitler believed the German Third Reich should rule the world much like the religious zealots, who are the power of Iran. Even worse, they’re in a rush to build their first nuclear arsenal. And if you don’t believe they will use it, then you would’ve never believed that Hitler would’ve gone beyond the borders of Germany. Unfortunately, every policy blunder, the United States has made, Iran has been able to take advantage of. The Biden administration walked away from the United States energy independence and turned over the global control of oil pricing to OPEC, and that single decision has funneled hundreds of billions of dollars into Iran and their war machine. We are naïve, foolish, and now extremely vulnerable. And the reality is the Hollywood elites along with the university elites cannot connect the dots to the fact these jihadist would do to them what they did to the Israeli citizens across the Gaza border. It’s truly unbelievably naïve.
History is teetering on the brink of repetition. Those who can perceive it, understand it. Those who can’t, do not yet bear the target on their backs. Those of us who do feel the target on our backs hope that those who can’t will eventually awaken from their ‘woke’ state.
This pattern, reminiscent of our historical past, is not an illusion. It’s real, and we err when we underestimate the lengths to which those with malevolent intentions will go. It’s hard to accept that some are willing to sacrifice the many for the few. It’s easier to deny it all than to confront the reality that they are pushing us towards a precipice from which there is no return without widespread suffering engulfing the entire world.
The catalysts for a global conflict have already been activated. The only way to prevent the inevitable is to transition from a ‘woke’ state to a fully conscious state. Some very smart historical observers already believe that World War III has already begun; we just haven’t seen the final chess pieces move enough for people to recognize what lies ahead. Alliances on a global scale are now dividing the world into two major camps. The additional possibility of civil wars within numerous large countries, including our own, are now a reality.
Consider this: if the extremely wealthy and influential socialist globalists, who believe we have 6 billion too many people on the planet and that the earth is on the brink of destruction due to so called human-induced climate change, align with other like-minded islamic globalists, is it too far-fetched to consider what they might justify as the ultimate reset button for humanity? Follow the money trail, and you’ll see who’s in control. Listen closely to the public statements of all the elites and you’ll find the words that subtly incite hatred, intolerance, and the desire for unquestionable power. Evil exists, and so do evil people. History has confirmed this. Those who deny that evil exist or believe they have some sort of amazing negotiation skill sets are those who capitulate peace for any price. But there is a cost to high for those who are willing to share appease to evil, hoping against all hope that it doesn’t result in their own deaths.
Inaction is not an option. We cannot stand by and watch the freedoms that America has fought for over 247 years simply disappear. Allowing political elites to plunge us into insurmountable debt for the sake of power is neither wise nor acceptable. The worst part is that they will claim we owe them the debt, and the debt owner becomes the slave owner. Suppressing debate and normalizing censorship is neither intelligent nor a viable option, especially for Americans. It all begins with words, small steps, and power grabs on a grand scale that inevitably lead to death proportional to the power seized.
One truth I’ve learned from human history is that hate can only prevail for so long before it is overpowered by those who desire nothing more than personal freedom to pursue their own happiness, without being controlled by those who created the mess we’re all in. These individuals were never smarter or better; they were simply evil because they sought power over billions who merely wanted to raise families and find love within their own homes.
We have the power to alter the course of history or let history trample us, as it has done to countless generations before us.
Remember those who shout death to Israel, death to America, death to the West mean it and they mean you specifically.
Just saying the obvious once again.😏
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