Business meeting or political event

Did Councilwoman Marjorie Velazquez use the Bronx Chamber Of Commerce and a City Employee for Her Political Campaign

By Robert Press

The Bronx Chamber of Commerce Little Yemen Business to Business Networking w. Councilmember Velazquez. 

Join the Bronx Chamber of Commerce and Councilmember Marjorie Velazquez with YAMA, TD Bank and NYC Department of Small Business Services for an evening of business to business networking and coalition building in the Morris Park section of Council District 13. Learn from business experts and grow your network.

What it was however appeared to be a political campaign stop for Councilwoman Velazquez as you will see by the photos below. The councilwoman took pictures with some YAMA people, she then gave a speech, Karline Jung (Legislative Assistant) of the NYC Consumer and Worker Protection Department spoke briefly, and then Iman Sheikh Hamud Absilwi spoke on how the community must re-elect Marjorie Velazquez, as he held up a mailer from the councilwoman. After that the meeting was over as Councilwoman Velazquez had left for another event going on at the same time, and light food consisting of salad, rice, beef and chicken was served. 


Before the short meeting Councilwoman Marjorie Velazquez poses with members of YAMA  and Iman Sheikh Hamud Alsilwi to her left in white. 
Councilwoman Velazquez is speaking to the members of YAMA as she stands between the Bronx Chamber of Commerce and YAMA signs.

Another view of Councilwoman Velazquez with NYC Consumer and Worker Protection Legislative Analyst Karline Jung (right) waiting to speak next.


Iman Sheikh Hamud Alilwi would speak next as he holds a political mailing from Councilwoman Marjorie Velazquez as he electioneers for the councilwoman in front of the Bronx Chamber of Commerce and YAMA signs telling YAMA members she must be re-elected.
This is the political mailing that the Iman had in his hand.
When I asked who from the Bronx Chamber of Commerce was in charge Tonisha Hurd Administrative Executive gave me her card, and then John Bonizio Vice-Chairperson Board of Directors gave me his card and asked what was wrong. I said this evening was nothing but a event using the Bronx Chamber of Commerce and a city employee for a political purpose by Councilwoman Velazquez. Mr. Bonizio spoke to me about not writing anything, and when I said no, he appeared to warn me to be careful and get home safe.
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