Jerome-Gun Hill BID Street Festival

Jerome-Gun Hill BID Street Festival

By Robert Press

Saturday was the Annual Jerome-Gun Hill Business Improvement District Street Festival, and while the rain kept some of the vendors away, once the rain was finished the people came out to see what was going on. The BID  event went up Jerome Avenue from Mosholu Parkway North to Gun Hill Road running from 1 PM until 5 PM. 

The BID gave out one hundred pumpkins for Halloween, had various entertainment at the Gun Hill Road intersection where there was a stage set up. Vendors were set up in the street and you could see the empty spaces of those vendors who skipped the event fearing the rain would be an all day event. The crowd didn’t come out until close to Three PM. Mr. Malcolm Gray of the Mosholu Preservation Corporation who is in charge of the BID called the event a success. One thing that could be noticed were the large empty stores which Mr. Gray said that the rents are high on his part of Jerome Avenue. 


Above and below Just two examples of the entertainment at the Gun Hill Road part of Jerome Avenue.

One of the biggest attractions was the face painter on Jerome Avenue.

There was a balloon game with prizes.


You can see the gap between these two vendors of other vendors who skipped the event due to the forecast of rain. The street is wet from the rain that had just ended.

Among the stores on the avenue there were these two large empty stores, one of which could make a perfect legal Cannabis Dispensary.


Mr. Malcolm Gray in his BID jacket and cap talking to a Santa Claus candidate for the BID’s Christmas event.

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