Israel is on the frontline for democracy

Raising one’s voice against any globally recognized “evil” can be both perilous and anxiety-inducing. It’s difficult to conceive of evil becoming popular, yet history has shown that it’s possible for previously shunned evil to regain popularity, regardless of its repugnance.
Regrettably, history has also shown us that remaining silent in the face of evil poses an even greater threat to humanity. With the advent of technology, the potential to annihilate billions in a brief span of time has become a chilling reality. Therefore, I will candidly express my views on a particularly hazardous conflict threatening Western civilization.
The events that have transpired since the establishment of Israel as a nation have gradually affected every country worldwide. Radical factions within Islam have employed global jihadist terrorism as a strategy to reverse the United Nations’ 1948 decision to recognize Israel as a nation. The unjustifiable tactics of radical terrorists on a global scale present a problem that won’t simply disappear. This is due to hatred, intolerance, propaganda, and deliberate ignorance, all of which have brewed a potent concoction of evil that is difficult for any rational person to comprehend or justify.
The live broadcast of the horrific atrocities committed by Hamas on October 7th was shockingly unimaginable in terms of the level of evil inflicted upon innocent Jews that day. As horrendous as Hitler’s orders and actions were, what Hamas did that morning was even more appalling. The Nazis of the 1940s attempted to conceal their crimes against humanity, carrying them out under the cover of darkness and within vast, hidden concentration camps. However, the modern-day Hamas Nazis recorded their crimes against humanity live on social media platforms. What made it even more heinous was their gleeful demeanor during their drug-induced frenzy of utterly barbaric and medieval torture of their victims. These monstrous beings used their victims’ cell phones to live stream their murders to the victims’ families. They wanted their families and the world to witness their barbaric tortures, sexual assaults, and beheadings. They wanted to remind Israel that they had once again resumed the horrific practice of burning babies, children, teenagers, pregnant women, and the elderly alive. This grotesque genocidal groupthink was the result of the glorification of death indoctrinated by Hamas from their childhood in Gaza. When such savage behavior can be justified, a moral compass is lost, and humanity ceases to exist, as any atrocity can then be justified on a global scale.
Calls for a free Palestine “from the river to the sea” are, in reality, a call for the extermination of another six million Jews, ironically the same number that Hitler massacred. It now seems that radical Jihadists and their followers aim to complete what Hitler could not. How do we know this? Because Iran openly declares it. The popular phrase “from the river to the sea” implies the eradication of Israel as a nation and, consequently, the Jews. If Iran, the largest financier of global terrorism, were to obliterate Israel, what would follow? According to their ideology of hate, they would then aim to rid the world of Jews. Why? To ensure that there is never another gathering of Jews, and by exterminating them all, they would never have to worry about it again. This hateful ideology also extends to those who support the Jews, like America and the West. They too would have to be destroyed or converted to Islam to ensure that no one ever protects the Jews again. Hence the chants in Iran, “Death to Israel, death to the great Satan, America, and death to the West.” These are not just chants; they are fundamental to their religious beliefs.
Why should we pay attention to these global cries? The reason is simple: there are approximately two billion Muslims from various sects worldwide, and credible sources suggest that up to 20% of them are radicalized. This equates to four hundred million radical jihadists of varying degrees that Islam cannot doctrinally control. This group of radicals is larger than the entire population of the United States, including those whose numbers we are unaware of due to their illegal status.
We are uncertain about the number of sleeper cells from Iran, a country we inexplicably continue to fund. The one billion four hundred million peace-loving Muslims are just as terrified of these radical jihadists as the West is. The issue with remaining silent is that evil, like cancer, spreads rapidly throughout societies and the world. These jihadists will eventually eliminate the various liberal groups that propagate their messages because these liberal activists are diametrically opposed to the jihadists. For now, they will exploit them as pawns against their larger enemies, only to exterminate them when they are no longer useful. This is because their lifestyles and beliefs are an unforgivable affront to Allah and, therefore, to radical Islamist jihadists, who kill them daily in societies they currently control. It is one of the many great ironies of the free Palestine movement that they will kill most of those who march for them today.
The reality is that Hamas has been the most oppressive ideology towards the Palestinians and their free society than any other ideology or group. The Hamas leadership has become multi-billionaires by misappropriating the world’s donations intended to benefit the people of Gaza. The Hamas leadership has accumulated wealth totaling $20 billion and counting, stashed in foreign bank accounts and investments. Meanwhile, the people of Gaza have nearly four hundred miles of terrorist tunnels built under schools and hospitals, stocked with rockets, fuel, water, air, food, and all kinds of weapons. The people of Gaza face massive unemployment due to Hamas policies and are taught that all their problems are Israel’s fault. Meanwhile, more Arabs live peacefully within Israel than in Gaza.
The most striking everyday visual of this movement’s intolerance is the covering or tearing down of posters featuring children held hostage by Hamas. These child hostages are used as bargaining chips should the Hamas leadership need to hide behind them to save their own lives. They are hidden in the tunnels with the terrorists who have designed their city not for the Palestinians’ benefit but to raise money from the world when Israel retaliates for their people’s brutal treatment.
They launch 10,000 missiles into Israel, and the world remains silent. Israel separates its military from its population, like every civilized country. They do not hide behind women and children, and they do not need to because they are not attacking, they are always defending. And that is the point of what we see in Gaza, because Israel is not attacking, they are defending and seeking to destroy the most evil ideology on the planet today. And if they are not successful in destroying this ideology, that ideology will destroy the world.
These posters of these children cannot be seen because they cannot be justified, which is why they are torn down. Showing them and seeing them destroys the narrative that Hamas is the victim. There are two victims of Hamas: first, the people of Gaza who have been abused with the ideology of Hamas, which is the ideology of Iran, and second, Israel. Meanwhile, the Arab lands encompass all of North Africa, all of the Middle East, and extend up to Turkey, Russia, and then out West to India. Of the so-called Arab lands, Israel is less than one-tenth of one percent. Hamas has radicalized the people of Gaza to such an extent that neither Egypt nor Jordan wants them. The people of the West Bank, who have also been radicalized by Hamas because of Iran, are also unwanted. Notice that Iran does not take them in either.
So, when you see posters of Israeli child hostages held by Hamas being torn down across America, recognize it for what it is. It is a concealment of the truth, just like Hamas hides in tunnels with children after committing a Holocaust in Israel and promoting a worldwide Holocaust financed by Iran, whose primary goal is to build a nuclear weapon. If you cannot connect the dots, you will not see the nuclear weapon when it finally arrives.
Just saying the obvious once again!
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