AAOHA Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner Giveaway

AAOHA Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner Giveaway

By Robert Press

People who came to the Albanian American Open Hands Association free food giveaway on Thanksgiving also received a free turkey dinner complete with stuffing, mashed potatoes, string beans, and rolls. 

AAOHA founder and President Aleksander Nilaj said that he was extremely happy to help those who may not have had a Thanksgiving turkey dinner with extras. The AAOHA free food giveaway is located at 821 Lydig Avenue corner of Matthews Avenue in the Pelham Parkway Area of the Bronx. 



People must sign in to receive free vegetables and other items from the AAOHA.





AAOHA Founder and President Aleksander Nilaj stands in front of the boxes of food the AAOHA gives out every week.


One of the AAOHA volunteers helps load up this woman’s bag with high quality produce.  




The free Thanksgiving turkey dinners are set up on these tables with breads in boxes out of the photo.
A photo of what was inside each dinner or package of stuffing that went with the dinners.
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