Councilwoman Kristy Marmorato and VNNA Clean Up

Councilwoman Kristy Marmorato and VNNA Clean Up

By Robert Press

It was a cold day in January, the first where the temperature dropped below freezing during the day, but a Van Nest clean up warmed those who participated in cleaning up several blocks of Morris Park Avenue by the MTA property. There was lots of everything that was on the sidewalk and in the curb of Morris Park Avenue starting at Taylor avenue and working across towards East 180th Street.

Councilwoman Kristy Marmorato, staff members, executive board members of the Van Nest Neighborhood Alliance, and neighborhood residents  met on Morris Park Avenue at Taylor Avenue to work towards East 180th Street to clean the papers, garbage, and filth  that was covering most of the sidewalk and curb. They had trash grabbers, rakes, brooms, shovels, and lots of big plastic bags to fill up with the trash and garbage lying on the sidewalk or at the curb. In all over a dozen huge plastic bags were filled in a two hour period. 

The group led by Councilwoman Kristy Marmorato, her staff members, VNNA executive board members and neighborhood residents were armed with trash grabbers, rakes, brooms, shovels, and most of all large trash bags for all the trash and garbage they would encounter. 


More people joined the Councilwoman as they began to clean up.
Two 49th Precinct Community Affairs Officers would join in to help as Detective Hall puts a shovelful of garbage in a big plastic bag being held by Councilwoman Marmorato.
A large pile of garbage left on the sidewalk by the MTA parking lot is next to be taken care of.
Community Affairs Officer Bell helps puts a shovelful of garbage in the plastic bag where the huge pile of garbage was.
All cleaned up now, it looks as if there was no large pile of garbage at this spot as the cleaners move down the block.

Those who took part in the Van Nest Clean up stand behind the bags full of trash and garbage they cleaned up. Councilwoman Kristy Marmorato stands next to VNNA President Bernadette Ferrara, with other members of the VNNA, the councilwoman’s staff members, two members of the Community Affairs team from the 49th Precinct, and residents of the Van  Nest neighborhood.


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