The X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle, the Air Force's unmanned, reusable space plane, landed at Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif., June 16, 2012. OTV-2, which launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Fla., March 5, 2011, conducted on-orbit experiments for 469 days during its mission. (Boeing photo/ Paul Pinner)

Vernuccio’s View: Flight of the X-37B

The U.S. Space Force recently launched the secretive X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. The X-37B is an unmanned space plane boosted into orbit by a rocket and gliding to Earth like the […]

President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shake hands during their joint press conference, Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2017, in the East Room of the White House in Washington, D.C. (Official White House Photo by Benjamin D. Applebaum)

U.S.-Israel Mutual Defense Pact?

President Donald Trump and Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.)  are advocating a “Mutual Defense” pact with Israel. Senator Graham has stated that “This would be a game-changer for Israel’s security and would be sending the right message to Iran and other […]

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Vernuccio’s View: US Dangerously Lags in Military R&D

Vernuccio’s View: US Dangerously Lags in Military R&D

Since the middle of the last century, The United States has relied on advanced technology to defend itself. Today, faced with giant adversaries (Russia has larger geography, China has a greater population and a vast industrial base) that need is […]

by · November 14, 2019 · Military, Vernuccio's View

Vernuccio’s View: Global Censorship Increases

America’s First Amendment set a standard and a goal for the rest of the planet, establishing freedom of speech as a key standard of an advanced civilized society. However, as appreciation within the United States continues for this achievement wanes, […]

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Predator drone (US Army photo)

America Lags in New Tech War

Just as industrialization, the advent of flight and nuclear power dramatically changed warfare, cutting-edge technologies are now altering how the world will soon fight. America’s adversaries are making significant headway in this. Science fiction readers may recognize some of the […]

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ISIS fighters in Iraq.

Vernuccio’s View: Prosecuting ISIS

According to a United Nations investigation, world body researchers are “Making significant progress” gathering evidence to prosecute ISIS for atrocities in Iraq and the Levant. U.N. personnel have been gathering documentary, digital, testimonial and forensic evidence for use in prosecuting […]

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Counter-electronics High-powered Microwave Advanced Missile Project.

Vernuccio’s View: White House Moves to Protect US From EMP

A White House Executive Order signed in March addresses the long-neglected threat of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) disaster which could devastate the United States. An “Electromagnetic pulse” is a burst of electromagnetic energy.  A single EMP has the potential to […]

NATO Summit 2018

Vernuccio’s View: Is Turkey Still an Ally?

There is a deeper significance in the move by The United States to suspend delivery of its premier fighter planes to ostensible NATO ally Turkey. The move is in response to that nation’s purchase of a sophisticated air defense system, […]

Vernuccio’s View: Funding America’s Nuclear Deterrent

Vernuccio’s View: Funding America’s Nuclear Deterrent

What will it cost to deter a nuclear attack against the United States? The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) is required by law to project the 10-year costs of nuclear forces every two years, and has recently released its analysis. The […]

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DoD photo

U.S. Moves to Improve Missile Defense

On January 17, President Trump, along with Vice President Pence and Acting Defense Secretary Shanahan announced the release of the 2019 Missile Defense Review (MDR). The MDR is the last of four strategic guidance documents that Trump directed the national security establishment […]

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Profile America: Veterans/Armistice Day

Profile America: Veterans/Armistice Day

Sunday, November 11th/Monday 12th. One century ago today, history’s bloodiest war to date ended after more than four years of slaughter. The Veterans Day holiday was conceived as Armistice Day to honor the 4.7 million Americans who served — and […]

President Vladimir Putin, Russia.

Vernuccio’s View: Russia’s Naval Threat

Russia’s significant increase in its seafaring nuclear threat and its aggressive moves in the Atlantic and the waters surrounding Europe increases the challenges facing the U.S. Navy.

Vernuccio’s View: China’s Drive Towards Supremacy

Vernuccio’s View: China’s Drive Towards Supremacy

The unprecedented extent of China’s combined military, financial, and political challenge to the United States and its allies has been outlined at an unclassified hearing called by the House Permanent Select Committee on intelligence. According to Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, […]



Vernuccio’s View: Beijing’s Massive Military Threat

Vernuccio’s View: Beijing’s Massive Military Threat

While news of a potential nuclear deal with North Korea and the ending of the deeply flawed nuclear deal with Iran dominate the headlines, an even greater danger to international safety remains inadequately discussed. A series of jarring activities by […]